TFU2 Game Files Reveal DLC Plans?

A thread on NeoGAF reports that the game files in the PC version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II may reveal LucasArts' plans for DLC.  The post, which contains screenshots of the game's archives, lists a few things that could potentially be in a future DLC release.  It's possible this is leftover code from a deleted level, but DLC sounds more likely, given the "Evil Starkiller" reference.
DLC info was found in the game's archives. I went through it and collated what I think is going to be in it:
  • Endor level. Evil Starkiller turns up in the Rogue Shadow 2.
  • Fight Ewoks, Leia, Han, Chewie and an AT-AT.
  • 3 types of Ewoks - rocks & slings, spears and gliders
  • 5 new challenges
  • 2 new costumes (both reskins of Starkiller)
  • 2 new saber crystals, yellow and silver (increase saber damage and increase force attack damage)
The Region screen for the Endor level makes mention of the second Death Star with the Emperor's throne room.
Head on over to NeoGAF for screenshots and more.  People with the PC version of the game can also download a file to unlock the challenges, costumes, and crystals right away. Source: NeoGAF (via

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