CBR Talks with Henry Gilroy

Comic Book Resource recently sat down with Clone Wars movie, television, and comic writer Henry Gilroy (Seen above) to discuss the comics, which start coming out next month. Here's an excerpt: In addition to Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, the “Clone Wars” comic also features Yoda and a clone trooper named Captain Rex. “I wanted to stay clear of certain things that Dave was doing in the series, so I couldn't put in Padme like I wanted to, but otherwise Lucasfilm gave me a lot of freedom with it,” Gilroy said. “There's also a brand new race of aliens and their homeworld we will be introduced to, the galaxy's perennial slavers called the Zygerrians.” Be sure to read the entire interview here for an interesting discussion as well a way to learn more about the upcoming "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" comics series as well as the quarterly Clone Wars digests. Source: Comic Book Resource (via)

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