February 2011 Comic Line-up Revealed!

Following yesterday's Legacy: War cover reveal, today we get a look at the comic line-up for February 2011. We have titles from: Knight Errant: Aflame, Invasion Vol. 2: Rescues, Legacy: War, to Darth Vader and the Lost Command, as well as a new Omnibus: At War with the Empire! For more details hit the jump!

Star Wars: Knight Errant -- Aflame #5 (of 5) Written by John Jackson Miller, Pencils by Ivan Rodriguez, Inks by Belardino Brabo, Colors by Michael Atiyeh, Cover by Joe Quinones On sale February 16. 40 pages

Who can be saved? What must be sacrificed? Kerra Holt will decide once and for all what it means to be a Jedi in the concluding issue of Aflame! Sith Lord Odion and his army arrive at Chelloa prepared to take over the mining planet, but upon arriving, Odion finds a terrible surprise from his brother, Lord Daiman. World-devastating war is inescapable, but Kerra knows that when all hope is lost, that is when the Jedi are needed the most!
Will the Sith brothers Daiman and Odion destroy themselves, and the Galaxy along with them? Will Kerra Holt be able to succeed in situations where no other Jedi has before? Also be on the lookout for John Jackson Miller's next part of the Knight Errant story; the self titled Knight Errant novel, which fits between Aflame, and the second story arc; it will hit shelves January 25! And be sure to read Knight Errant: Influx to learn how everything got started! All this adventure in a time of Sith domination, what's not to love? Star Wars: Invasion Volume 2 -- Rescues Written by Tom Taylor; Art by Colin Wilson; Colors by Wes Dzioba; Cover by Jo Chen On sale April 27th. 144-page trade paperback
Twenty-five years after A New Hope, the Yuuzhan Vong invasion has the forces of the New Republic spread thin. Even Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order is nearly helpless against the invaders from beyond the galaxy. These are times when even the rescuers may need rescuing ... Prince Finn Galfridian, despite Master Skywalker's disapproval, flies into danger with Jacen and Jaina Solo! Princess Kaye and Queen Nina turn a captured Yuuzhan Vong ship against their enemies! And King Caled conducts an underground war on the family's homeworld of Artorias, not realizing the enemy is closer than he thinks!
This second volume of the Invasion Trade Paperback series collects issues #1 - 6 of Star Wars: Invasion: Rescues. Witness the events of the New Jedi Order from an all new perspective! Things are starting to heat up for the Galfridian family in this explosive next chapter! Star Wars: Legacy -- War #3 (of 6) Written by John Ostrander, Pencils and Cover by Jan Duursema, Inks by Dan Parsons, and Colors by Brad Anderson On sale February 23. 40 pages
While Emperor Krayt's forces strike at hundreds of targets across the galaxy without thought for their own losses, one place has remained safe: the hidden Jedi temple on Taivas. But that happens to be the one place Krayt most wants to annihilate -- if he can locate it and learn the secrets of its defenses. So, it's only a matter of time . . . and torture . . .
With a cover this classic, it has to be Star Wars. Has Roan Fel been captured? Is Krayt's wrath more then the Galaxy can handle? Be sure to check out the volatile closing to the Legacy Era with Legacy: War! Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #2 (of 5) Written by Haden Blackman, Pencils by Rick Leonardi, Inks by Dan Green, Colors by Wes Dzioba, Cover by Tsuneo Sanda On sale February 23. 40 pages
Vader in command! Vader in turmoil! Darth Vader steps up his attacks when his invasion of the Ghost Nebula meets with stiff resistance. But when a courageous beauty offers her help in conquering the system, visions of what his life might have been if he had not betrayed the Jedi and if Padme was still alive affect the Dark Lord's decisions.
We're told "It's Darth Vader, the darkest Lord of the Sith, at his best -- and worst!" This mysterious new story is written by The Force Unleashed's Haden Blackman, and for any Aliens vs. Predator's fans out there, you'll enjoy the art of Rick Leonardi done in Star Wars! Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 1 On sale April 6. 408-page trade paperback
Collected here are stories of the early days of the Rebel Alliance and the beginnings of its war with the Empire -- tales of the Star Wars galaxy set before, during, and after the events in Star Wars: A New Hope! In this volume: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are targeted for assassination by rogue Imperial officers; Princess Leia gets her first taste of war and the sacrifices the coming rebellion will require; Vader, after surviving the destruction of the Death Star, must fight to become the leader of a pack of savage beasts; and many other stories! Collects Star Wars: Empire #1 - 6, part of #9, #10 -11, #13 - 14, #19 - 22, #24 - 25, and #31. Includes the 88-page story Betrayal!
This new Omnibus is a great sign, fans! If they are already collecting Empire, then the rest of our favorite comics are sure to be coming to this great Omnibus format as well! Now's the time to grab almost the whole Empire collection in one swift swoop! It's looking like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for EU Fans! Source: StarWars.com

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