Vortex Released, Early Reviews Positive

The sixth novel in the Fate of the Jedi series has been released. Vortex, written by Troy Denning, is available in hardcover and for Kindle. Though the previous books in the series have not received overwhelmingly positive reviews, the early fan response to Vortex has been very good. It seems like Fate of the Jedi is gearing up for an exciting ending in the last few novels. Jim Haley at NJOE, thinks that Vortex "won’t disappoint any fans", and he suspects  "it’ll be the highlight for most people so far in the Fate of the Jedi series." You can read his entire spoiler review here. Andrew Lupi, founder of EUCantina, says that Vortex is "a game changer." He believes that "fans will enjoy where this series is going". On the blog Lightsaber Rattling, Peter Morrison concludes that Vortex "really advanced some of the plot points and had a lot of good action in it." Check out his spoiler-free first impressions. Comments on the Star Wars Books Facebook page have also been positive, with a general consensus that the direction Fate of the Jedi is moving is a good one. We'll update with more opinions from fan reviews as they are released online. The EU Review, a Solo Sound podcast, will be reviewing Vortex in their December episode.

About the Author

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