Red Harvest: Chapter 5 Excerpt Online! continues to titillate with another chapter excerpt from Joe Shreiber's Red Harvest. but is this trend something we want to continue? Lets stop for a moment, and forget that we have another creepy and cool part of this story at our fingertips. Now ask yourself; do you want to know more, with the books release only a few weeks away? Many fans feel too much has been given already, but has it? In Shreiber's first Star Wars Horror novel Death Troopers each chapter was almost a collection of the various characters points of view. How many of those characters introduced in the first 5 chapters even survived? So therein lies a very distinct chance that all we've seen with these excerpts is a small glimpse of a few minor characters at the start of the story. And thus, these excerpts have not been revealing as much as we might fear. This weeks chapter excerpt moves to even more new characters. Sith Combat Master Xat Hracken, a human male, and the ambitious young runt Mnah Ra'at, who is driven to be the next "shining star" of the Sith Academy it would seem. Or perhaps our lead character....? Either way you look at it, you'll have to wait until December 28th to get a look at your own copy of Red Harvest and learn the truth, so you might want to check this chapter out while you wait. Source: via NJOEnews

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