Rostoni Provides Updates on Various Star Wars Projects

Sue Rostoni, editor at Lucas Licensing, has provided updates and answers to questions about several upcoming Star Wars projects. Responding to questions from fans on the official Star Wars forums, Sue touches on book covers, fiction in  Insider, and more. It was recently announced that author Paul S. Kemp would be writing a new short story about Darth Malgus from The Old Republic. The story is to be released in a future issue of Star Wars Insider. The last piece of original fiction seen in the official Star Wars magazine was published in Insider 88 (Ghosts of the Sith by Jude Watson). Sue says that the return of fiction is not likely to be a one time deal, informing us that "the Insider, Del Rey, and we are exploring how to best present original short stories -- so hopefully there will be more on the way." Sue gave a few brief answers on the topic of novel covers. Riptide, by Paul S. Kemp, will hit shelves July 26 of next year - but don't expect the cover anytime soon (the final scene was just written on November 2). Sue says that they haven't started on it at this point. (Side note: I realize that Riptide is still a while away, but I had asked Sue about it after Kemp mentioned seeing a preliminary cover. It's possible that the version Kemp saw was in such an early stage that the editors haven't viewed it yet.) On another note for cover art, Sue says they have "seen some design examples for the Heir to the Empire Anniversary Edition, but we're still playing with it." Finally, Sue gives an update on the state of Fate of the Jedi. "I've read about two-thirds of Conviction. Haven't seen the back cover yet. And we don't have covers for the final two books yet, either. All is moving along...." Source: Forums

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