Red Harvest: Excerpts Online!

UPDATE: Chapter 7 OnlineIn what could be called the shortest excerpt in Star Wars Expanded Universe history, Schreiber's sixth Chapter excerpt for Red Harvest has arrived. Mechanic Pergus Frode is the focus this time. And since the whole excerpt is a whopping four pages long, and only two of those are of the story, why not spoil yourself this holiday season and take the plunge! Otherwise you'll have to wait until December 28th to get your copy. Santa won't be delivering this one unfortunately. The light side of things is that we're only talking (as of update 8) days and counting! UPDATE: Recently the seventh chapter became available as well. Note that while Red Harvest appears to have more chapters offered in it's preview, Deceived, with its three chapter preview reveals more pages. It averages to roughly 20% of the story. The thing to remember when we think they are giving the book away: not every fan is a dedicated as most and need to know more before committing to the purchase. This marketing strategy is pretty sound when you think about it. Give the reader a good chunk of the story, so that they will need to purchase the book to learn the rest. Really there isn't room for much complaint here. If you think it's too much given simply don't read it. But if you find yourself wanting to get an early preview of these books now is the time! Source: /

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