The Old Republic: Deceived Excerpt Online

The first cinematic trailer shown for the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game depicted the Sacking of Coruscant, and featured Darth Malgus lead a group of Sith against the Jedi Temple. This was the introduction of the Sith named Malgus, and it must have been clear to those at Lucas Licensing that he was an intriguing character to the fans. Shortly after the trailer was released, a novel by Paul S. Kemp was announced. Titled Deceived, it will tell the tale of Darth Malgus, and reveal his story. Today, has released an excerpt from the second chapter of Deceived. If you enjoyed the cinematic trailer, you'll be fascinated by this excerpt, as it retells the battle in the Temple from Malgus' point of view. You can read it as a PDF here.

Update:, the official website for the upcoming MMO, has now released the first chapter of Deceived. Those who read the second chapter yesterday may find everything a bit backwards now, but just think of this as another Star Wars prequel. You can read it here.

And now, the third chapter of Deceived has been released on The PDF for this chapter can be found here.

The Old Republic: Deceived will be released on March 22. Source: Official Star Wars Twitter

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