Star Wars: Battlefront for the Nintendo Wii?

According to, the podcast revealed Free Radical will be developing a Wii version of Star Wars Battlefront. At this point it's unknown if it will be Battlefront 3 or just a spin-off of the series designed for the Wii, such as the case with Renegade Squadron for the PSP, but Amazon had a listing a few months ago for Battlefront III which was slated for 2009, by Free Radical, with the Wii as one of the consoles. That means the Battlefront series could be going to the Wii along with having versions for 360 and PS3 and other systems, not just the Wii. We will keep you up-to-date on all Battlefront III rumors! Feel free to discuss this rumors, or just speculate and discuss what you want to see in Battlefront III, in this thread on our message boards. Remember, you must be a registered member of our forums to discuss-- what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Source: Related Articles:

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