Excerpt of Knight Errant in Aflame #4

UPDATED: Confirmed by John Jackson Miller himself on Facebook. Word from Facebook, John Jackson Miller has mentioned that Dark Horse Comics next issue of Knight Errant: Aflame #4 (of 5), will contain an excerpt of his upcoming novel, also entitled Knight Errant for readers to enjoy! EUCantina can confirm this as well! We will continue to update this article as we learn more details! Hit the jump to see what we know so far! When you factor in the fact that the novel Knight Errant will pick up the story at the end of the comic's Aflame story arc, it makes sense that they would give the readers an excerpt of what's coming next. And what better way to let the comic readers know that the next chapter of the story will be in the novel, then by slipping it into the back! Be sure to read the novel before the comic picks back up again with Knight Errant's second arc! It's not vital to enjoying the comic, or the book, but it always makes for a better EU reading experience. Be sure to hit a comic store near you to catch up on all the Knight Errant comic action so far! Issue #4 of Aflame comes out January 12, 2011, and the Knight Errant novel arrives a few weeks later on January 25th, the same date that Knight Errant: Aflame #5 (of 5) arrives. You can pre-order your copy of John Jackson Miller's Knight Errant novel today with Amazon here! John Jackson Miller's setting up a new era filled with Sith, struggling Jedi, and danger in more forms then one could imagine, you will definitely want to get in on this Star Wars action! Source: LightSaber Rattling

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