A Look Back at Solo Sound in 2010

2010 marked SoloSound.net's first full year as a website since branching out from EUCantina.net. At that time there were only two podcasts; EUCast and We Talk Clones. Solo Sound has since branched out and started various new podcasts and projects all, Star Wars based. As EUCantina's official sister site, the two are closer than they may appear. We've managed to make access to all of the Solo Sound podcasts just as it was before the split- when you click on our Podcast link in the navigation bar you'll be linked straight to SoloSound.net. Each week we post the weekly Solo Sound releases here on EUCantina so you're able to find your favorite Solo Sound podcasts without having to leave the EUC. Solo Sound successfully launched two new podcasts last year as well; The EU Review and The Bothan Report. Other new projects include Cantina Commentaries and Solo Sound Audio Dramas. You can learn more about all of the podcasts below.

The EU Review:

When Andrew Lupi left EUCast in 2009, he had plans of a review podcast like no other. Teaming up with Star Wars FanWork's Nathan P. Butler, the two launched The EU Review, the first Solo Sound podcast born under the new site. The hosts break down Star Wars items and review them to let you know if they are worth it to the fans and collectors to purchase. After it became clear that these two Star Wars gurus had more to say than their self-imposed one episode per month limit could contain, they started their special episodes: The EU Review: The Obscure Side (Get it? Obscure- as in Dark). So if you've been on the fence about a certain Star Wars project, be it book, comic, or game, these two will break it down for you. You can find all of The EU Review's episodes here!

The Bothan Report:

When Austin Blankenship announced his return to EUCast, he also had another surprise to announce. Riley Blanton would be starting a new Star Wars podcast with his sister Bethany: The Bothan Report. Solo Sound's second original podcast, The Bothan Report collects the top Star Wars news stories each month and explores the universe that Uncle George built. The hosts hunt down guests from around the galaxy to keep the points of views fresh and new as often as possible. So sit back and listen to the reports the Bothans have gathered in their travels with The Bothan Report! You can find all of The Bothan Report's Episodes here!


Andrew Lupi's departure from EUCast in 2009 left a slot that Mark Hurliman was selected to fill on the show, alongside regular hosts Austin Blankenship and Ted McDonald. After 2010 began, it soon grew clear that Ted would not be able to continue with EUCast for quite a while, and he too soon left the show. At that time, Austin had chosen to go off on a little "meditative trip" and left EUCast in the hands of Mark, and then-new-to-Solo Sound, host Riley Blanton. Riley and Mark continued EUCast for a few months, and made some adjustments to the shows format. Then before Celebration V, the announcement came; like the cries of the Galactic Alliance, when Admiral Ackbar came out of retirement during the Yuuzhan Vong War: "Austin's Back!" And with Austin's arrival we discovered, that Riley was a master at espionage! While working with Mark, he discovered a calling, and proudly started The Bothan Report around the same week as CV. That wasn't even the half of it, On EUCast's 100th episode, not only did Austin and Mark have a new format for the show, but they also unveiled their secret weapon. Their newest addition to the EUCast host line up: Elyse Bond. Since joining the show, Elyse has quickly become one of the crew. Her knowledge of the books of the EU keeps her up to date on most events happening in Star Wars. With her addition to the show, EUCast has really hit its stride. The hosts are able to look at subjects from multiple points of view, and keep things fun and fresh. You can find all of EUCast's episodes here!

We Talk Clones:

We Talk Clones. Enough said, right? EUCantina's resident Clone Wars podcast joined Solo Sound at the start of 2010, and has continued to thrive. Talking about The Clone Wars is something that fans of all ages can appreciate, and as this show has proven in the past; you never know who will be on the show next. Opinions range from 8 years to 40+ years in age, and everywhere in between. You can count on the hosts to rate each show as a whole, in the most honest way possible. These guys are true fanboys; Gentlemen dedicated to the Clone Wars and the experiences that come along with any project headed by none other then George Lucas. So strap on your headphones and listen to why you need to be watching The Clone Wars with We Talk Clones! You can find all of We Talk Clone's Episodes here!

Cantina Commentaries:

Also debuting in 2010, the Solo Sound Cantina Commentaries. Various Hosts of Solo Sound come together and watch our favorite Saga and have a running commentary. And Nathan P. Butler also added his commentaries to the mix, allowing for multiple listening options. So grab yourself an episode of the Saga, open up a commentary, and enjoy yourself. You can find all of the Cantina Commentaries Episodes here!

SoloSound Audio Dramas:

Last, but certainly not least. Solo Sound Audio Dramas. SADs were the brain child of Riley Blanton and Mark Hurliman, and they spawned a whole new genre for Solo Sound. The idea was out there for Solo Sound to dabble in Audio Dramas from the start, but tired of waiting, Riley's curiosity and Mark's willingness won out and Only Natural soon came to life. When deciding which project to tackle next the two unanimously agreed Rest Thou Softly should be Solo Sound's second project. The only problem was, that they were learning along the way. Riley cast more parts the second time around, and once the cast was assembled, the recording began. The hardest part was yet to come. Once the cast's parts were all returned, Riley had the daunting task of editing the projects together. When completed, Rest Though Softly surpassed the groups expectations, and set in motion a new trend at Solo Sound. It was recently announced that SolSound's next SAD will be John Jackson Miller's Knight Errant: Influx. So as 2010 drifts away like atoms of a recently destroyed Death Star, stay tuned for more exciting things to come from SoloSound!

The EU Review: Episode 5.5 – Christie Golden Interview

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Mark Hurliman is a writer and news reporter for EUCantina. He joined the website in 2010, around the same time that he became a host of our official podcast, EUCast. Mark's status as a "defender of the EU" has made him a popular guest on various Star Wars podcasts. He lives in Oregon with his wife and two children. Mark's favorite Star Wars novel is Star by Star, but he has had the pleasure of reading nearly every existing Star Wars novel or comic.