The Clone Wars Review: Nightsisters

Hello everyone! I’m Riley. Readers of EUCantina might not know me, but if you’ve listened to many of the fabulous podcasts from our sister site,, you may know my voice. I’m a previous co-host of EUCast and the current host of The Bothan Report. I’m very excited and privileged to present to you, EUCantina’s The Clone Wars episode reviews. Punch it! After a month long break, (but who’s counting) The Clone Wars returns in a big way! I think most fans can agree the first half of Season 3 has been hit-and-miss at best, and a complete disappointment at worst. We’ve seen a few standout episodes. ARC troopers,  Assassin, and Hunt for Ziro, for instance. The rest have been (for the most part) constantly melodramatic, hyper-political, and downright preachy in some cases. I've still maintained faith in The Clone Wars crew. After all, these are the people who brought us such episodes as Ambush, Rookies and Landing at Point Rain. As they went into this holiday break, I was a little dejected. We hadn't seen any of the cool stuff that was shown off at Celebration V… until now.

Anakin and Obi-Wan prepare to battle!

  Nightsisters, the first episode of 2011, was bold. I like it when any aspect of Star Wars gets out of the “safe zone” and does something daring that has a measurable impact (in a good way) on the Star Wars canon. This episode accomplished that! Right out of the gate, we see Ventress leading an attack against the Republic fleet. They establish early on that, even according to Palpatine, “She has become quite powerful.” This is a different Ventress than we’re used to. It’s still a bit murky how far along this episode would be in the timeline, but as demonstrated in her dual with Obi Wan and Anakin, Ventress is obviously much more powerful than she used to be.

Ventress has become more powerful.

  Surprisingly, Ventress’ back-story was, for the most part, kept intact. I thought Katie Lucas, who worked as the writer for the entire Nightsisters arc, did a great job with nods to the EU. Well, at least we didn’t find out that the Nightsisters were nocturnal, humanoid species that can’t show themselves during the day, or something insane like that. I also loved seeing in-episode flashbacks to an earlier time. I hope that means they’d be willing to revisit that concept with other characters. (Qui-Gon, anyone?)

The episode showcased the culture of the Nightsisters.

  Another thing that surprised me was how they went all out with the witchcraft aspect of the Nightsisters. From the “demon possessed” double voice of Mother Talzin, right down to the creepy-green-mist-bowls-of-doom that were used in Ventress’ healing ritual, it was obvious the these witches are not traditional Force users. I’m surprised that George Lucas authorized that significant of an EU concept in TCW. Think about it. They may use an EU character, planet, or simple concept, but here they pretty much lifted the entire Nightsister culture from the EU and translated it onto the screen. I thought it worked very well, and I hope to see more EU cultures used in the future.

Unlimited POWER!

  Dooku is awesome! There’s not much to say beyond that, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the scene where he pulled a Palpatine! Despite being drugged, outnumbered, and fighting semi-invisible opponents, it didn't even seem like an effort for him, and it shouldn't be an effort! He is a Sith Lord, and he acted like it. Oh, and the way he wrapped up the fight… I really thought he was going to say “I’m too weak, don’t kill me…” And then KSHHTZZZTSH! Ok, I’m gushing now. Overall, I thought this episode was in stark contrast to the majority of the previous episodes of Season 3. It had action, adventure, excitement, suspense, and it did an outstanding  job utilizing a really cool culture from the EU. As I’d like to do every week, I’ll leave you with a question. Does Ventress originally being born on Dathomir bother you, or do you like this storyline so far? Leave a comment below, or you can tweet @EUCantina. Thanks for reading,


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