Guide to Warfare Moved to 2012, More News From Del Rey

EUCast, the official podcast of, was able to interview Erich Schoeneweiss today. Erich is the editor of non-fiction Star Wars books at Del Rey. During the interview, he touched on a variety of topics concerning the fiction and non-fiction Star Wars books. Many upcoming releases were discussed, with some new information being revealed. The biggest announcement was that The Essential Guide to Warfare, by Jason Fry, will be released in 2012, instead of August of this year. You can listen to the entire interview here, and read about some of the highlights below, including news about a new essential guide book, the 20th Anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire,  and more. Schoeneweiss said that the move has "absolutely nothing to do with anything that's wrong with the book. Jason turned in an amazing manuscript for it. It's just part of our overall publishing plan for our Star Wars non-fiction books throughout the next few years." It will be released in Spring of 2012, and Amazon already has a new release date of March 20. It was also revealed during the interview that an Essential Guide to the Underworld is being planned, with a likely release in 2013. Erich didn't want to give away what the book was, saying that he doesn't have the author signed yet. Eventually he let the title out. "Let's just say that we're looking at the Essential Guide to the Underworld too. I've only started preliminary discussions with the authors on that." Other Essential Guide books that will possibly be released between 2012 and 2013 include the third editions of the Essential Guide to Characters and the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels. He's also hopeful to finish the trilogy and publish The Making of Return of the Jedi. Erich informed EUCast that Shelly Shapiro, a fiction editor at Del Rey, is working on the topic of the Paul S. Kemp duology that was announced last year. Shelly kindly answered the question through email. "We don't know yet what the duology is going to be about. We're discussing but haven't settled yet. There's a good chance it will be set in some part of The Old Republic era." Finally, EUCast asked about the preliminary cover art shown for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Heir to the Empire. Erich says that the cover that appeared in the latest Random House catalog is not just a placeholder, but is the direction they're going. He states that:
"To my knowledge it hasn't been completely approved yet, but that's definitely the direction that we want to go. I believe the plan is that that will be the jacket, and it will have sort of treatment, some sort of silver foil treatment on it. But then when you take the jacket off of it, underneath, (kind of similar to what we did with the Death Troopers hardcover) it will have the original book cover as the paper-over-board cover."
Erich says that the new material being added to the book is "phenomenal." He gave the first mention that Timothy Zahn will not be the only contributer for the annotations; Betsy Mitchell, the original editor of the book, and some of the folks at Lucasfilm will add notes as well. Again, you can listen to the entire interview for information on other fiction and non-fiction Star Wars titles from Del Rey.

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