Rostoni Provides Updates on Imperial Commando, More

Sue Rostoni, editor at Lucasbooks, has returned to the official Star Wars forums to answer some fan questions. Some things couldn't be answered, but new information was revealed on several topics. There has been speculation that a special edition of the sequels to Heir to the Empire would be published after the 20th anniversary of the start of the Thrawn Trilogy. Rostoni states that "There are no plans for reprints of Dark Force Rising or The Last Command at this time." The Knight Errant novel will be released on January 25th, and Sue has received advanced copies. According to Sue, "the first 14 pages of the first issue of Dark Horse's Knight Errant comic is included in the middle of the paperback, in color. It came out really well. There's also a preview at the end of Paul Kemp's Old Republic: Deceived." Finally, Sue provides an update on the Imperial Commando novels that might be disappointing to many fans. The fan question was, "Is there any chance of getting that short story to tie up Republic/Imperial Commando at all?" Sue simply replied "Probably not--". Rostoni also provided the 2011 book schedule for only the books that she is responsible for.
Knight Errant (John Jackson Miller) paperback: Jan 25 Backlash reprint (Aaron Allston): Feb 22 Allies reprint (Christie Golden): April 26 FotJ: Conviction (Aaron Allston) hardcover: May 17 Heir to the Empire Anniversary Edition (Timothy Zahn) hardcover: June 21 Choices (Timothy Zahn): hardcover: July 19 Riptide (Paul Kent) paperback: July 26 FotJ Ascension (Christie Golden) hardcover: Aug 16 Shadow Games (Michael Reaves & Maya Bonhoff) paperback: Sept 27 Vortex reprint (Troy Denning) paperback: Nov 29
You can view our complete 2011 EU release schedule here. Source: Forums

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