New Star Wars Novel: Blood Oath: UPDATE: 9/8

According to Del Rey Online, April 28 will see the release of a new paperback entitled "Blood Oath." Written by Elaine Cunningham, writer of the NJO novel "Dark Journey," the novel is said to have 352 pages. Nothing is known beyond the facts stated on the page for the novel. We'll try and find out more information on this novel for you, so keep watching EUC! Feel free to start speculating the novel on our forums here. Very, very special thanks to our friend Christian from Germany for letting us know. Source: Star Wars Union UPDATE: (Originally Posted on September 5, 2008) We have contacted Mrs. Cunningham, and she was kind enough to reply with the following:
I'm not sure when the Del Rey announcement will be made.  My editor told me it's possible that it may be this week, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are further delays. The info on the Del Rey catalog page looks about right. This will be a very different story from DARK JOURNEY. Obviously, I can't give any details at this point, but I can confirm that it's a stand-alone book, rather than an episode in a larger story arc.
 We will let you know once we get an announcement and more information about the novel. Until then, please feel free to join the very popular speculation of the novel here.

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