Dark Horse previews: Clone Wars #1 & KotOR #33

CW#1 KotOR #33 DarkHorse.com has released previews for Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1 here and for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #33 here. Clone Wars will be a six issue miniseries starting next week written by Henry Gilroy and art by Scott Hepburn and Dan Parsons. KotOR #33 is part 2 of Vindication written by John Jackson Miller and art by Bong Dazo and Joe Pimentel. Be sure to check these out if you're anxious for more Clone Wars or for what's next for Zayne and the Jedi.

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Lawrence Davis joined EUCantina.net near its start, served as one of the original hosts for EUCast, and now reviews Star Wars comics since he consumes too many comics each week. He grew up watching the Star Wars films over and over again, and he dived into the EU after reading the X-wing book series and the New Jedi Order novel, Conquest.