Release Date Changes for Kemp’s Riptide

Star Wars: Riptide, by Paul S. Kemp, will now be released on September 27. The paperback novel was originally slated for a July 26th release date, but Random House has noted the move on their website. Riptide is the sequel to last year's Crosscurrent, and both novels star Jedi Knight Jaden Korr. Cover art was revealed last week, marking the first time Korr has appeared on a Star Wars book. We stated some concern that the original release date would not prove effective for the novel, as it would hit shelves a week after the much anticipated Choices of One hardcover by Timothy Zahn. Though the possible overshadowing is not likely the only reason (if a reason at all), for the move, it is interesting to consider. Also interesting is the release date of the novel Shadow Games; it has previously been listed for September 27. It's likely that we'll see a change for the Dash Rendar novel too. Source:

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