Info Revealed About The Old Republic’s “Flashpoints”

Last June, Bioware announced that their upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic (TOR), would feature a system unique to the game that would allow players to work together with different classes in their factions on missions that were longer and more difficult to complete. Called "Flashpoints," it would allow players to truly immerse in the stories being told and the system was relativity unknown... that is, until today. In their latest "Friday Update," Bioware updated the official site for TOR with a page dedicated to the multiplayer action sequences. On it, a new trailer shows players what to expect in the Flashpoints, and it also gives gamers information on five flashpoints that occur during the game. Bioware announced two unique Flashpoints for each faction, Republic and Sith Empire, as well as one that both factions will share. Flashpoints will allow players of different classes in each faction to work together to achieve a common goal, and they will occur early, mid, and in the end of the game. It should be noted that these five are not the only Flashpoints within the game. For all the known information, including descriptions of each Flashpoint, and to view the trailer, be sure to check out the "Flashpoints" page on SWTOR's website. Source: Darth Hater

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