“Lost Tribe of the Sith” Collection to Include New, Long Story

Late last week we brought to you the news, via Lucasbook's Sue Rostoni, that August 2012 will see the release of an anthology collecting the entire catalog of the Lost Tribe of the Sith E-books that connect to the currently ongoing Fate of the Jedi novel series. Written by veteran Star Wars scribe John Jackson Miller, these short stories provide interesting history and depth to a tribe of Sith introduced in the Fate of the Jedi series. We are now aware, thanks to Del Rey's Star Wars editor Shelly Shapiro, that the collection will not only collect the "Lost Tribe" stories available online, but will contain "a brand-new Lost Tribe story- a long one!" She commented on the official Facebook page of Star Wars Books with that information. The "Lost Tribe of the Sith Anthology" will be released in August of 2012, although an exact date has not been announced as of yet. Source: Star Wars Books on Facebook

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