Chewbacca Autobiography Contest

Title by Stoogey and DR Jedi

Title by Stoogey and DRJedi

Wookiee of the Year - The Life and Times of a Walking Carpet is an upcoming autobiography by the famous Chewbacca. Actually, this book doesn't exist, but the title was created in a fun Twitter contest held to determine the name of a Chewie autobiography. There were two winners - Stoogey ("Wookiee of the Year") and DRJedi ("The Life and Times of a Walking Carpet"). We greatly enjoyed reading everyone's entries, and you can view all of the title ideas here. As promised, we created a cover for the autobiography (above) and have included some reviews by members of the media who were given an early opportunity to read this thrilling, heart-stopping, soul-crushing book.

At last we have the mighty Chewbacca! After reading the dark, yet beautiful, autobiography of Wicket Wystri Warrick (From Wokling to Warrior), and the unforgettable autobiography of the now late Wilhuff Tarkin (My Moment of Triumph), there was no doubt that a personal look at the great Wookiee was a must have. The insight from the hero that couldn't speak Basic is material that any historian or fan of the Rebel Alliance can not live without. Chewbacca takes us through his entire life in vivid detail, from Kashyyyk and his encounters with legendary Jedi Master Yoda, to being a prisoner of Jabba the Hutt. My personal favorite part of the book comes in the chapter titled "Why the Holidays are Special to Me." But I won't spoil it! This book is filled with action, sorrow, and romance, and truly makes me hope Chewbacca can survive past this Yuuzhan Vong conflict, if only so we can be treated to an extended version in the future. It's absolutely smashing!"

-Austin Blankenship, EUCast Host

Wookiee of the Year - The Life and Times of a Walking Carpet is fascinating and absorbing, and readers will find themselves turning the pages in less time than it takes the brilliant author to make the Kessel Run. Chewbacca brings sexy back to the autobiography genre, something that has been bleeding out for decades. The misadventures of everyone’s favorite Walking Carpet are bound make you laugh out loud, whether you’re reading the book while relaxing in a Bespin apartment or hanging upside-down in a cave on Hoth. To call it a masterpiece would be like stating that Luke Skywalker is a decent swordsman. Don’t miss this book!

-Chris Carey, EUCantina Columnist

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