EU Release Schedule

Looking to stay informed about upcoming, and recently released, works of the Star Wars Expanded Universe? Our very special schedule combines books, comics, and episodes of The Clone Wars and places them together for an ultimate release schedule. Each item has a link to their respective page on either, Dark Horse Comics, Random House, EUCantina, or Amazon sites. [Last Update: 09/15/13] Key:
  • PB = Paperback (Book, Reprint)
  • HC = Hardcover (Book, Comic)
  • C = Comic (Single Issue unless noted "Digest" or "Web Comic")
  • TPB = Trade Paperback (Book, Comic)
  • EB = E-Book / EC= E-Comic
  • Omni = Comic Omnibus
  • SB =  Source or guide book
  • CN = Airing on Cartoon Network


calendar-january calendar-february calendar-march calendar-april calendar-may calendar-june calendar-july calendar-august calendar-september calendar-october calendar-november calendar-december If you see an error you can report it to the EU Release Schedule feedback thread.