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 PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 1:59 am Reply with quote  
EUC Staff
EUC Staff

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Okay, please bear with me for a moment;

Today, my family and I where out in the garage doing some cleaning. Our dog was laying at the front of the garage snoozing when she all of sudden popped her head up and started to growl. She didn't bark or move from her spot, she just gave the early warning of "stay away, this is my house."

I looked up and found a young man at the edge of the driveway with a card in hand trying to give me a sales pitch about something. I couldn't really hear because of my dog so I approached him to find out more.

This young man informed me, what I could hear because my dog was a little louder now but not getting vicious, that he just graduated our local high school and was trying to sell subscriptions or something or other that could help get him a discount on some college scholarship. Since I was polite and turned him down he then asked if I could give him a donation of a couple of bucks that would go toward whatever thing he was trying to achieve. He was polite but I could tell he was a little bummed that I again turned him down. He did say thank you and left my property to go on to the other houses on the street with the same pitch.

Part of me feels bad about this because at some point my kids could be in that same situation when they get to this point in life as this young man is.

BUT, as a person who does not want to get suckered, how do I know that what he was pitching was legitimate? I wish there was a way for some legitimate organization to step in.

Why you ask? Well, this young man did not have, for what I consider, a real ID card that represented the company or organization that could make his pitch seem a little more legit. Yes I know that just about anything can be forged and everyone and their mother is out to make an easy buck. But to help this guy out, would it not be in the best interest of this organization to have put out a flyer or something saying a rep would be around your area on this day around this time?

The local Veterans here leave a bag on he front door with notices when they will be coming around to collect things.

There could be other solutions or no solutions at all. It's just sad that this young man, or someone in the future, who could really need the help someday and there is no way to trust if it's legit or not.

Talk amongst yourselves - we'll regroup later.

Your Uncle Kal Smile
<- If you only knew Wink hehehehehehe Wink hehehehehehehehehe )

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 PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2009 11:34 am Reply with quote  
  Darth Skuldren

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Sounds like a judgment call to me. I've certainly turned down some donation opportunities, while at other times I did donate. If he didn't feel legit, then there's no reason to feel guilty. Sometimes you have to go with your instincts. You can always make up for it by donating to a similar cause that you know is legit.

"I believe toys resonate with us as humans, we can hold them, it's tactile, real! They are totems for our extended beliefs and imaginations. A fetish for ideas that hold as much interest and passion as old religious relics for some. We display them in our homes. They show who we are. They are signals for similar thinking people. A way we connect with each other...and I guess thats why I do toys. That connection." -Ashley Wood

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