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One Thing
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Cerrinea wrote:
Luke started trying to help Alema back in NJO. He tried again in DNT. The Jedi Order tried when Han and Leia brought her back. Alema chose to escape and return to the Dark Nest.

By LOTF the Dark Nest had been destroyed for years. Alema was absolutely not under their influence then. Alema made the choice to seek revenge by killing all of the Solos. honestly, guys, remember the whole story; not just parts of it.

Alema wasn't dark in NJO. In Dark Nest they said that he knew she would fall sooner or later but the fall didn't happen until after NJO. Though that does call into question Luke's logic in continuing to let her go on missions rather then try to help her and prevent her from falling.

During Dark Nest she was under the control of the nest. So of course she escaped and returned. The Jedi had trouble keeping the other Jedi joiners from doing similar things and Alema was far more under the Dark Nest influence then any of th others were with the Una, or whatever nest they were around.

And while the nest had been destroyed for years in LOTF, she was still clearly under it's influence. She talked about herself by saying we and called herself the last of her nest. Since no other full Joiners have been shown since the Dark Nest series, we have no clue what kind of long term influence they have over Joiners. Rayner spent years in treatment to get over what happened, but Alema had no one. So I'm not willing to say just because time passed that she could make the choice on her own.

And I'm not saying that the Jedi shouldn't kill Sith/Dark Jedi if needed. Yes they should try to redeem them, but once others are put at risk the Jedi, just like real life cops, should use lethal force if needed.

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  Life Is The Path

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Gah! Was writing down all the things I wanted to say, but then someone realises the thread's been derailed, stops, and takes my fun away! *seethes*.
I'm over it. Ish Very Happy

I do want to say one or two things, though. I don't feel the redemption of Vader was a one off. Indeed, I seem to remember one or two in TOTJ, and even Malak in the KOTOR game and, depending on how you look at it, some more in the Legacy comics, too. I think, for the most part, Jedi do try to redeem Sith, but also, for the most part, they know it can only be done with those who they already have a personal connection with, and so don't bother with many Sith they come across. The only exception to this (that I can recall at the moment) is Revan, while he's on Taris. He attempted to give one Sith the option of redemption. Darth Bandon, I believe his name was. Or maybe it was Branden. Brunden?

Another thing. Dream, you made mention of the Lake scene. Now, I can't remember the exact details of that scene, but my impression, from what you detailed and later discussed, was thus: That she was giving the reasons as to why they were there, instead of in some Force heaven or what have you. There's a debate as to what is right and wrong, it's the end result that counts, not the actions; or the actions that count, not the result. Meaning, what's the right (in this case Light) path. Now, from what I gather, it's supposed that it's either one of these, but I believe that it's both that are necessary, the actions and the end result, for it to be the right (Light) path. Let us also suppose that this last one is the correct one. Neither Jacen nor Mara chose the right path, instead choosing the former two.
I am a Star Wars fan. That doesn't mean that I hate or love Jar Jar. That doesn't mean I hate or love Lucas, or agree or disagree 100% with him. That doesn't mean I prefer the PT over the OT, or vice versa. That doesn't mean I hate the EU, or even love all of it (or even read all of it). These are not prerequisites. Being a man is not a prerequisite. Being a geek is not a prerequisite. The only prerequisite is that I love something about Star Wars. I am a Star Wars fan.

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