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EUCantina Community Forums Guide!

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EUCantina Community Forums Guide!
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Welcome to EUCantina.net's Community Forums Guide!

Here on our forums, you will find a vast area of topics of discussion, including the Star Wars movies, the EU and a wide spectrum of other subjects .

Please make sure you make the time to check our rules and familiarize yourself with the "ins and outs," as well as the "do's and don'ts" of our message boards. Just a basic list of common forum FAQs are below, so please look them over and you'll be posting like a Jedi Grand Master in no time!

Note- This is a great video that sums up the rules pretty much.


So you, like your father before you, want to be a valued member of our community? Well here's how!

What does it take to post with the wisdom of a Jedi Master? Tired of feeling like a "newbie?" What should you do if you run into an issue? Well, looking at this thread is certainly a large step in the right direction. It shows that you care, and that's the only way to show you want to be a respected member.

For a list of general forum questions, please feel free to look over the Forum FAQ. However, there are more specific questions and they will be answered below.

As a new member, what should I do first?

Amazing question! The first thing you should do is: Take it slow! I know youíve got all sorts of great ideas that you want to share with the other members of this forum, but you need to give yourself some time to familiarize yourself with the forums, and how things work. I can tell you that you can, and will, avoid trouble if you just take things slow. Make sure to search for posts that might already contain what you want to talk about, and it's always nice to post and contribute in other threads rather than starting a bunch of your own.

Are there rules of etiquette?

Of course! Please remember these simple rules while posting:

1) The better you write, the better the responses will be to the post. A punctuation mark can go a long way.

2) Most people are talking with you on a personal level, but if they are doing so in an inappropriate manner, alert a moderator to the comments in question. Under no circumstances should you retaliate. "Flaming" is not acceptable under any circumstances, even if you are defending yourself. We will take care of the problem for you!

3) If you are posting things just to be mean, don't. We are all Star Warsfans here, and we like to talk about really obscure stuff. You are allowed to post here if you hate the EU, but it's frowned upon to be totally negative all of the time; at least try to debate it civilly.

4) Be constructive. If you get into a debate with another user with a differing viewpoint, it's far more fun to discuss things in a constructive matter. Just because another user doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean their opinion isn't just as valid as yours. Try and win each others respect instead of making each other angry.

I have a really good idea for for thread. Can I post it?

Sure! That's why we're here Wink However, before you post your new idea be sure to check our Thread Indexes (located in most forums as Announcements.), all sticky threads, as well as the first few pages to be sure the topic isn't already being discussed. The forum supports a "Search" function, and you can also use that to see if your topic is covered. If it isn't, by all means go ahead and post away!

I've checked the first 5 or 6 pages of the forum and nothing on my topic has shown up. Can I post it now?

As long as you've done all the above checks to be sure the topic isn't there, it's perfectly fine... even if the topic was discussed awhile ago! What we are looking to avoid is people posting in threads that are two years old with no addition to the discussion. Remember, we do have forum moderators, and they occasionally will have to lock your thread. No worries, it happens to everyone. Just read over the moderators explanation, learn from it, and continue to post! If it's locked and you don't know why, feel free to send a PM to the moderator.

I'm curious about a very specific Star Wars EU topic, but I don't really want to start my own topic. Is there a way to find a thread on it that's easier than just going through pages of the forum?

Yep! We created Forum Thread Indexes for this exact reason. These threads contain popular, specific, and heavily discussed and important topics within the forum. All threads within the Thread Index are designated by Thread Index Entry (TIE).

I started a thread earlier, but now it's gone! What happened to it?

Quite a few things could have. First, be sure to check pages 2, 3, 4 etc, as it could have been bumped back there. Second, you're thread might have been deleted for a site violation. Feel free to PM a moderator of that forum to inquire as to why.

I've heard forum moderators using the terms "troll,""spam," and "flaming." What does these words mean, exactly?

Terrific question! A "troll" is what we here at the EUC Forums call a troublesome member who is antagonizing other members, or generally causing trouble to get attention. A person is said to be "trolling" if they start a thread with the obvious intent of riling up the other members. This is a big no-no, and will get you a warning, or a ban. Also, please don't "play" with a troll; notify a forum moderator by PM of the thread, date, and screen name of the offender and they will deal with it as fast as they can.

"Spam" is when a member posts things that have nothing to do with the thread. Obviously, topics can be derailed and go beyond the original subject matter. What we don't want to see are blatant advertisements or members simply posting the same thoughts and ideas over and over with no consideration to what other members have contributed to in a topic.

"Flaming," as briefly touched on before, are messages of harassment to other members, and they will not be tolerated. Please don't let the discussions get personal, and don't keep arguing and stoking the flames just to get a rise out of another member.

What words are considered profanity here?

This is a little tricky. We allow any curse word heard in Star Wars movies or the EU (hell, firfierk, etc.) but no others. Word censors will pick out curse words, so please don't try and bypass them.

Are topics on drugs, sex, etc. allowed here?

Yes and no. In the correct context, sex is allowed. However, drug discussion is never allowed. We, like many other Star Wars based forums, are family friendly (like Star Wars itself), and we like it that way.

What's involved in banning? What's the story there? Can people come back from being banned? What do I do if I get banned? I need more info!

Answer: Okay. So the basic scoop on banning is simply this: If you, or another a member, somehow manages to get banned (ordinarily this will happen after a previous warning for bannable behavior), there are a few different 'sentences' carried out, at the discretion of the administrator (who would ban the member) or moderator (who can ask for the banning). Only administrators can ban members, but moderators are usually the ones who notify the administration of this. First, there is a "temporary ban," lasting a short period of time. This is usually between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the case. You can re-post after that, but if you are banned forever... you cannot.

What do I do if I have a problem (i.e. being flamed by another member)?

Contact an administrator or moderator immediately! We will take care of it, so don't try to do it yourself; sometime is just hurts you more.

Who are the Administrators and moderators?

You can find a complete list of both on our "About" page on the site.

Iíve got an idea that I think would make this place better. What do I do?

Head to our Feedback & Suggestions forum and post it up!

If I'm banned, how do you get unbanned?

Check out this thread in Feedback & Suggestion's thread on it to see what to do if you are banned.


Special thanks to TF.N's (2007) Admin Staff for help constructing the questions!


As a growing Star Wars community, we have decided to make our ranks backed with lightsaber icons along with colors to separate each other. They, along with there corresponding rank name, are as follows:

User Ranks:

0-79 posts. "Lurker"

80-199 posts. "Novice"

200-499 posts. "Elite"

500-infinite "Veteran"

Special Ranks:



EU Cantina.net Staff


In attempt to make it easier to post and have fun here, we have made an outline of all the categories/forums available here at the Cantina, and describe them.


HoloNet News:
Holonet News is where the administrators will post important information regarding the boards and the main site. This is a read-only forum, and any questions should be asked in Forum Feedback.

Feedback & Suggestions:
This is the only forum where banned members can asked about their punishments, and is also where any questions regarding the moderation of the forums can be asked.

Staff Forum:
A staff-only forum where the EUCantina.net staff members meet monthly to discuss the site, forums, and upcoming events.

The Community:

This is where new members can welcome themselves to the EUCantina.net forums. You can greet and welcome each new member in their individual thread.

The Mos Eisley Cantina:
This is the forum for all out general discussion. From congratulating people on birthdays, posting real news and links, and just general non-Star Wars discussion. Music, movie and video game discussion can also be found here.

The Meditation Grove:
Debates and discussions on serious issues should be placed here. The tone here is serious, unlike the Mos Eisley Cantina's more fun and laid back atmosphere.

The Star Wars Galaxy:

Aush's Cantina:

Aush's Cantina was made for the discussion of miscellaneous Star Wars topics, such as the Force, lightsabers, SW related games, etc.

The Movie Saga:

The Movies Saga, as the name suggests, is for the discussion of ALL 6 Star Wars Films. It is divided into the "Prequel Trilogy" and "Original Trilogy," where you can discuss the movies in each trilogy. Please DO NOT post in the general Movie Saga, as it simply contains the rules of the forum.

Literature & Media:
This forum is our pride and joy. A forum dedicated to discussion of the Expanded Universe in books, comics, and television form. It has very special rules, so please read them before posting within.

Expanded Universe Characters:[/b]
This forum is for the discussion of any and all EU Characters, along with the roles of movie characters in the EU (ex. Ben Kenobi/Anakin in the Republic comics).

Electronic Games:
Video games are one of the most popular ways to see the Expanded Universe. From Knights Of The Old Republic to classic games, discuss any and all SW video games.

Want to show us your 50 posters and 100+ action figure SW collection?! This is the place!

The Clone Wars Animated TV Series:
This forum is for discussion of the popular Clone Wars television show. Join other fans in discussing the latest episodes, and thoughts on the future of the show.

Activity Center:

Creative Works:
Have a fan video you want us to see? How about some drawings or writing? Post it here, and we will ensure that is is archived and saved.

The Library:
This is where inspiring writers can write out their own fan fiction and have them commented on! You DO NOT need to provide a link to another site, and we will keep your chapters up for as long as you would like.

The Library's Archives:
Haven't been here in awhile and fear you lost your art/writing? Don't fret, all post within the Library after two weeks are stored here.

Enjoy roleplaying, or would like to jump in with some members and give a new character you've created a spin? This is the place to do it! The story is constantly expanding, and new members are always welcomed and encouraged to join!

EU Cantina.net Exclusives:

EUChatter- The Official Forum Of The EUCast:
Our podcast, EUCast, is an Expanded Universe Star Wars Podcast. You can use the EUChatter forum to give suggestions to the hosts, ask a question about the show, and discuss the episodes with fellow listeners.

VIP Chats:
The EU Cantina.net is honored to be graced with Star Wars Expanded Universe celebrities such as John Jackson Miller & Nathan P. Butler, and this forum is for the discussion of them, their works, and sometimes they personally will join!

EUCantina.net Miscellaneous:

Book Club Discussion:
This is where the actual discussion of the EUCantina Book Club takes place.

Occasionally, EUCantina will be looking for some fresh perspective from our members to fill roles that will continue to make our site thrive and excel. Please feel free to apply to any open positions!

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