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Star Wars: Secrets of the Unknown

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Star Wars: Secrets of the Unknown
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As the CLONE WARS wage on, the JEDI ORDER becoming increasingly uneasy about their role as soldiers in the conflict. Many question if their position has compromised their values and beliefs while the public grows increasingly uneasy about their power.

On the remote world of KA’TAR, the Order have developed a ‘Force Cage’ – a new type of prison capable of incapacitating ones use of The Force. When a Sith Warrior is located in a nearby system MASTER XIUYE and her apprentice VEILA are dispatched to capture him and test their new prison…

Story wise, we approached this from a very simple premise - we wanted to explore the theology of The Force, and the concepts of 'The Light Side' and 'The Dark Side' and how it plays into Jedi and Sith beliefs. Does The Force take sides? Are the Jedi teaching a flawed view?

We draw on inspiration from the Expanded Universe (EU) - now known as 'Legends' - and even get a chance to see the ancient Je'Daii, precursors to the Jedi Order.

On a practical level our aims are to create:
• A chance for young talents both behind and in front of the camera to showcase their skills.
• A Fan Film that not only has good action sequences but is well acted with a solid narrative that keeps you engaged.
• Will be submitting to the 2017 Fan Film Awards.

For us this is a passion project - we are doing this for free, for the love of the material and source material. We have a fantastic team of filmmakers and creatives who have worked on a variety of projects – including stuntmen from Keanu Reeves’ ’47 Ronin’ and Marvel’s upcoming ‘Dr. Strange’ with Benedict Cumberbatch. We've managed to source cinema-grade production gear at no cost to the project and so all raised funds will go towards increasing the production values of the film.

Check out our project at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/star-wars-secrets-of-the-unknown/x/13704608#/story

There will be regular updates, competition, artwork, behind the scenes videos and many more so do subscribe and share our page if you can. Any contribution – financial or otherwise – is most appreciated.

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