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Roleplaying: Mercenary Mission Two

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Roleplaying: Mercenary Mission Two
 PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:49 am Reply with quote  
  Darth Skuldren

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The Glitterclaw sat serenely in it's birth at the repair shipyards on the Old Rapatico Waystation. Like everyone else, Saul was waiting around impatiently for word of their next mission. Rumor had it that the Imperials were sending them to Manaan.

"I don't know boss, never much cared for water worlds myself."

Saul looked over at Frender, the old Ryn was hanging upside down from the ceiling, his tail coiled around an exposed rafter. "Water world or not, you better get used to it. What about you Bannick? Ever been to Manaan?"

"No. On this I agree with the Ryn. Water worlds are trouble waiting to happen."

Castell chimed in just as Bannick was about to elaborate. "I could care less if they place is just one big ocean, long as they've got good food. Something fresh. I bet the seafood is to die for."

Bannick looked over at Castell's smiling face. "Hmm...you may be right. I've never tried Selkath."

"Now now Bannick, if we're going to Manaan they'll be no eating of the indigenous people." Saul laid back on his cot and stared at the ceiling. "Shouldn't be too much longer before we get are orders. Everyone all ready packed?"

There was a nod of heads all around.

"Good. How about a hand of pazaak to pass the time?"

"I believe toys resonate with us as humans, we can hold them, it's tactile, real! They are totems for our extended beliefs and imaginations. A fetish for ideas that hold as much interest and passion as old religious relics for some. We display them in our homes. They show who we are. They are signals for similar thinking people. A way we connect with each other...and I guess thats why I do toys. That connection." -Ashley Wood

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 PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:19 am Reply with quote  
  Salaris Vorn

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Gavin had enjoyed the off time and had been busy getting lost rummaging through parts in the mechanic's shop looking for anything that might be useful for replacing some of the older worn out parts on Sanguine Dawn. After their last mission he had noticed the top turret's power regulator had been acting up so he was hoping to find a new one before the next mission.

Despite being unsuccessful in his endeavor to find power regulators he had found some parts that could be used on the sensor array to improve its long range accuracy. Ever since Thrawn launched his campaign against the New Republic space stations like this have seen less traffic so that must be why some of these parts haven't already been taken. If I keep a good Sabacc face I may be able to convince the mechanic who runs this place that the part isn't that valuable and talk him down in price considerably.

Rumor had it that everyone would be called back to the ship for briefing on their next mission within the next few hours so with that in mind Gavin delved back into the piles of parts in the mechanic's shop to quickly finish up his business before he had to return to the ship.

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Ferno took a sharp blow to the side of the head. While taking too long to recover, his opponent sent him sprawling with another blow to the stomace.
After he caught his breath, "Kark it," he snapped, "training instructors aren't supposed to do that!"
"Well I'm not your typical training instructor then" the well-muscled Devaronian, Blaak answered back.
Ferno just mumbled to himself. Ever since the glorious Commander Kadd had ordered him to sharpen his fighting skills, he'd been knocked about by this economy-sized Devaronian nearly every day. When he found out his training would begin with no-weapon brawling, he protested but his trainer said they'd work their way up.
Give me the Century Arrow anyday, he thought.
When he was in the Arrow he was all by himself, the way he liked it.
"Your finished for the day Valorne." the Devaronian said at last. Ferno nodded and started walking away.
"And Valorne? Your getting better every day."
Ferno said nothing (as usual) and walked away.

Where sky and water meet,
Where the waves grow sweet,
Doubt not, Reepicheep,
To find all you seek,
There is the utter east.

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