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Theres never One Last Test.

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Theres never One Last Test.
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By DarthRevan1

Korriban, thousands of years before the fall of The Old Republic.

Note: This is set before Darth Bane and the Rule Of Two.

The sleek Sith craft entered the atmosphere of the planet Korriban and headed toward the clearing. Its engines hummed as its pilots brought the ship down to land. On board sat two hooded figures. Both were dressed in dark robes, one was much younger then the other. They were master and apprentice. One was Lord Talton a prominent Sith Lord of the Sith Order, the other Dak Zeal, a human from a planet he couldnt remember. A Sith apprentice who had gone through various trials but now he faced what he hoped was his last trial. His master spoke litrle as the craft circled. Zeal noticed a group of dark shadowy figure standing in the clearing. Council members, he thought. What was going on? Was he finally a Sith Lord?

His heart beat faster in his chest as the craft landed. Both unbuckled their harnesses and headed down the ramp into the clearing. Neither spoke. Zeal was nervous but tried hiding it from his master. His master hated fear, he wanted to instill fear in the galaxy but a Sith never felt fear. "Relax, my apprentice, or we are both in trouble", said Talton his voice as cool as lube on durasteel. "You are about to face a final test". "You must be ready." " I am, said Zeal Im ready to face my destiny" "Good, smiled Darth Talton. His voice was a few octaves lower then normal. The smile did not reach his dark sunken eyes.

A wind was howling as master and apprentice entered the clearing. It was hard to make out any faces, they were all shrouded in black cowls. Despite the strong winds their robes barely moved. It was if they stood in the centre of a storm but the storm was not allowed to touch them. The dark side was pure here, focused. Its energy froze Zeal and he smiled.

A figure strode to meet them. He was dressed like the others, his face hidden behind a cowl. It was he who spoke now "Apprentice Zeal your final test is to fight me in lightsaber combat" "If you win you are a true Sith Lord. If you fail well you will be dead" "Im ready, said Zeal, his voice betraying no emotion. His master nodded once to his apprentice and stepped aside to join the others. It was just Zeal and his opponent.

His opponent revealed his face by slowly pulling back the cowl. It was the face of a Zabrak, red etched with tattoos. It was Lord Ellon, a high Lord. He was 6 foot tall. He was a Council member. Zeak who was 5 foot 9 stood facing him, his hand on the hilt of his lightsaber. Darth Ellon hands were flexing inside the robe, long taloned fingers with nails like claws. Suddenly a lightsaber hilt appeared in his hand. It was rumoured to have been made with the tusks of a long extinct animal who was native to this world. It was just a rumour though. No one knew for certain. His lightsaber flashed into life, a deep red. Zeals lightsaber flashed into existence, it too was a red hue. The wind continued to howl. Dust was billowing.

Zeal waited. His pulse hammered in his ears but he was well trained. He would win. High Lord Ellon suddenly lunged with his lightsaber, Zeal blocked in and replied trying to go for Ellons head but the High Lord blocked it. Zeal lunged again but Ellon blocked easily and with a roundhouse kicked sent Zeak flying back. He tumbled but landed quickly on his feet. The Dark Lord was within seconds within Zeaks reach. Zeak attacked, parried, attacked again. The High Lord was strong. His blows staggered Zeak back. He slipped on a rock on the ground and stumbled back. He brought his lightsaber up to block a quick thrust from his opponent. Ellon swung low meaning to cut Zeaks legs from under him but he jumped and landed behind his oponent. Ellon had anticipated this and had already blocked the blow Zeak had sent towards Ellons midsection. Once again they continued the dual. Parry, counterattack, parry. The High lord appeared to be getting stronger, pushing Zeak back. The wind howled furiously.

Zeak was tiring, he drew on the force to augment his strength but it wasnt working. There was a rocky cliff behind Zeak and he was aware his back would soon be against its rock face. Ellon continued on the offensive a dizzying array of thrusts and cuts. One such thrust got past Zeaks defences and grazed his shoulder. Smoke rose in a hazy stream. Zeak jumped back and landed just before the cliff face. Ellon jumped and swiped out as he came down with such force, Zeaks lightsaber was knocked from his palm. It flew across the ground as Zeak flew from the impact against the cliff knocking him to the ground. High Lord Ellon stood towering over him,a smile showing his decaying teeth." You fought well, apprentice Zeak but you failed". Zeak saw his lightsaber hilt lying behind High lord Ellon. He drew on the force, the kightsaber igniting and flying towards Lord Ellon. Too late, the blade plunged into his back, Ellon howled, his lightsaber falling from his grasp as the High lord toppled face forward into the dirt.

Zeak took the lightsaber from the back of the prone high lord now very much dead. He wiped sweat from his brow as he walked back towards his assembled crowd and his master. He tried not to smile. He had passed his final test. He was a sith Lord. He expected some sort of congratulation from his master but got a stony look. "I have passed my final test master", said Zeak. Suddenly pain exploded everywhere in his body. He looked down to see the hilt of his masters lightsaber buried deep in his chest. He looked into the eyes of his master. Realization dawned on him. As he slumped to his knees his vision darkening, his master, his killer looked down "There is never One last Test my young apprentice"
"You see that I was right, now, dont you?. The truth is written in blood"

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