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Star Wars Live Action TV Series
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Technically, Time Travel and Time Machines do exist and are used constantly in Star Wars, and SW as we know it could not exist without them.

In Einstein's model of Special Relativity the phenomenon of time is a consequence of inertia (speed) and mass. According to General Relativity objects with a close approximate speed and mass obey the same observed physiological effects of time and space, called a frame of reference. Consequently objects in a different frame of reference have different comparable effects to each other.

This is highlighted in this example from The Science Of Star Wars:

"Obiwan (wishing to travel to the Alderaan system to bring diapers for Baby Luke and Leia), charts his course with Amidala. She notes that Alderaan is 36 trillion miles away, almost six light years. If he travels very close to the speed of light (c.) it will take him 12 years to make the round trip. But Obi-wan knows that once he reaches the cruising speed of .9999 c. (because of Special Relativity) the distance...(will be) only 482 billion miles, or 1/12 of a light year. He will be able to make the trip in only two months....Obi-wan has made a trip of 12 light years while only two months have passed for him (from his frame of reference.)"

But from her frame of reference, because of General Relativity, 12 years will have passed and Luke and Leia will now be teenagers.

If this seems confusing it is because it is. That's why George Lucas uses a Time Machine called a "hyperspace drive" that renders a moving spaceship at 0 mass. Because E=MC2, mass is equal to energy and an object with a constant 0 mass, but somehow infinite energy can travel faster than the speed of light and bypass the laws of physics to travel without being effect by Time in the same frame of referenced to any given point no matter where it is.

It's necessary to precisely calculate the speed differential outside of hyperspace in order to equalize the two reference points so that the appropriate amount of time will have passed for you, since no time passes in hyperspace, to make sure you remain in the present and not jump into the past or future.

It's a lot less complicated to have Luke travel back in time and kill Darth Vader and marry his mother to become his own father.

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