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 PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:08 pm Reply with quote  
  Mara Jade Skywalker

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A friend of mine went to videography school for 14 months, because that's what he wants to do as a career. Recently he's been working on a movie, and last night I went to see the premier. For a first time movie, it was excellent! For a movie in general...it needed a lot of work. But he's a beginner, so it'll only get better. I'm a bit of a movie critic myself, so I got really into deciphering it and figuring out what all it needed help with. Unforunately, I found the opening scene to be very bland and pretty downright awful, so he gets a lot of points off for that. Following that, though, the cinematography was done beautifully, and the storyline was very good. For first time actors, they did a great job. When a franchise such as Star Wars produces the actors that it does for the PT, I can criticize these first timers none at all. The ending was great, and the music also fit well, though they will be getting a new score created by Sony. What needed the most help, though, was the flow...the cohesion of the story. It could be quite confusing, because I didn't think it was cut well. Scenes often didn't seem to be in the right place, or there seemed to be a scene missing. So, personally, I would re-edit it.

Anyway, I don't mean to go on and on. I just wanted to promote it here. This is the website where you can watch the trailer:

The Little Red Plane

It's a great little Christian movie that just needs a bit of work. It's rough around the edges, but a good movie overall. Oh, and it's a modern analogy of the story of Samuel, or at least it's based off of that. So if you know the story of Samuel, you'll see some similarities. The trailer's kind of confusing, but watch it a couple of times and maybe it'll come together. Smile

Oh, and the song on the trailer was written by the creator of the movie, my friend. He wrote it and just needed someone to sing it. When I was watching the trailer, I thought, "Well that's a nice song, I wonder who's singing it?" And what a small world, last night at the premier I found out it was a girl I'd gone to school with when I was younger that had been a good friend of mine! And she sings beautifully. Smile

The little kid in the movie who's the main star, his name is Harrison Fredericks. We like to joke with him that he's got the same first name and the same initials as the great Harrison Ford. And if he keeps at it, who knows, maybe he'll be just as famous. Wink

I don't know when it's coming to DVD, but I'm pretty sure it'll be awhile. So yeah, I just wanted to try to get the word out about his slowly starting business. Who knows...maybe he'll make a name for himself one day. And anyway, I'll shut up now. Smile
"It's not about the legacy you leave, it's about the life you live." ~Mara Jade Skywalker

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Saw the trailer and it looks great! I'm a Christian myself so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Very Happy
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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:57 pm Reply with quote  

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I've watched the trailer and liked how it's done (camera color effects may be too much between the sepia and normal scale, without actually be one or the other, but thats a minor thing and its a trailer so I don't know how the final product looks like) and yes the girls singing is beautifull.

Can't say wether I would like the movie or not, since I don't know about the story and story is about 50% of a movie imo.

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