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A True Sith
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DarthMRN wrote:
Dog-Poop_Walker wrote:
Fortunately, it's been retconned that he just joined the rest of the Sith that already existed at time.

My my, new stuff on the Ruin front? And what seems to be a clear intent from Licensing to make all Sith part of the same true lineage. Seems a little contrived, and undermines the Jedi victories, I must say. Pest control.

Yup, they had to choose between no Sith and making The Old Republic MMO.

It's kinda crazy to think about that there are Sith everywhere now, when a little over a decade ago they were pretty much nowhere.

The first and only Sith was Darth Vader in the novelization for a A New Hope back in 1977. It was almost 20 years later until there were any other Sith in the EU when their backstory was established in the Tales Of The Jedi comics dating back 4,000 BBY and no mention of them afterwards, other than Exar Kuun's ghost appearing in The Jedi Academy series.

Then in 1999 Lucas created the backstory for the Sith, forgetting about the comics, and created Darth Ruin, Bane and Plagueis and established for the first time that Palpatine was a Sith.

Then the Knights Of The Old Republic games filled in the rest of the history up till Bane and in 2006 for the Legacy Of The Force series they retconned Lumiya from the old Marvel SW comics to be Vader's Sith apprentice, and the Legacy comic series retconned Darth Krayt to be a Jedi from the Republic comic series that came out around the time of the prequels. And of course then we have the Lost Tribe.

Now you have Sith pretty much the whole entire time from 20,000 BBY till now.
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Further back still. The Sith species were around in c. 36,000 BBY for the intro of Dawn of the Jedi (a population of which was sampled by the Tho Yor), and we know that King Adas of the Sith fought the Rakata to a standstill between 30k and 25k BBY (giving the Sith the technology to create their Empire before the Dark Jedi ever showed up on their doorsteps).
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