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Dawn of an Era: Science Fiction Short Story

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Dawn of an Era: Science Fiction Short Story
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This is a Science Fiction short story that I wrote for my SF (science fiction) class. It is in the SF category known as Alien Invasion/Encounter. I hope you enjoy it.

Dawn of an Era

“Aw crap.” Those two simple words were Andric Greendstone’s first thoughts upon waking up at five thirty in morning on Tuesday, July fourth, of the year two thousand and ten. With a shake of his head, Andric slipped out of his bed and onto the floor. He glanced at the bed next to his and nodded as he noticed that his roommate was still asleep.
“What irony,” Andric muttered to himself. “I have to wake up at five thirty just so I can go to work and sleep again while I’m waiting for the “aliens” to come and take us away.”
With his customary moaning out of the way, Andric dragged himself into the shower and sighed as the blissfully cold water flowed over his back. With a “bleep,” he flipped the viewer on as the morning news ran its first cycle of the day. He leaned back against the shower wall as the news began.
“Good morning everybody. I’m Jeal Gunbie and I’ll be giving you the most up-to-date news of today. It is five thirty eight and we already have three stories for your attention. First, the United Asteroid Mining Union has filed a formal complaint over the conditions aboard the mining vessels. Says one miner, ‘There ain’t no room on the way back home and every time we complain to the managers, they jus tell us to shut up.’ As yet, the managers of the First Asteroid Miners Company have refused to comment. Second, celebrity star Pavel Young has been arrested for another count of drunk driving, as well as disorderly conduct in public-and aren’t we all just so surprised. Lastly, we have just received a report from some of the fringes of society and we thought we would give all of our viewers a laugh. Certain citizens who shall remain nameless have claimed that they have seen mysterious starships in our solar system while using their personal viewing devices. These reports are unconfirmed as of this time. This is Jeal Gunbie of the BCD news.”
Andric Greendstone nearly collapsed as a fit of laughter shook him to his very bones. After a minute of restrained sobbing, his affliction subsided and he returned to getting ready. Within half an hour, he was outside on the sidewalk as his fellows workers pulled up in their company car.
“Hi guys,” Andric said brightly as he hopped into the back seat. “Did any of you hear this mornings news? Confusion plagued the faces of his fellow commuters as their car began to drive the preprogrammed course to work.
“Well let me tell you. Some crackpots with their own ‘deep space viewers’ claim to have seen mysterious starships. My bet is that they’re just crazy although I suppose it could just be another asteroid,” Andric remarked sarcastically.
Laughter rolled around the vehicle at the reference to the asteroid scare of 2008. Deep space radar detected a large, unidentified object heading towards the planet and the media whipped itself into a frenzy reporting on the imminent “alien invasion” that was sure to take place. When the rock crashed into the moon, the scientific community had had a great time laughing at the ineptitude of the general public.
A few minutes later, Bob started talking about the “woman” he had seen the night before.
“You see guys,” he began. “She was kind of tall and was just drop dead beautiful.”
“Let me stop you there,” remarked the driver, Bryan. “Didn’t you describe the same exact woman last week? And didn’t you end up admitting that it never happened!”
“Fine,” Bob replied. “Allow me to amend my statement. You see, I was having this dream…”
Twenty minutes later, the car dropped Andric Greendstone and his coworkers off at the premiere Deep Space Radar Telemetry Center on the northern continent. Theoretically, it was a prestigious institution, but the relative lack of activity made it an unimportant job, which was why a man like Andric Greendstone was able to get the job as the manager of the center in the first place.
Andric meandered through the corridors until he found the main room in the center of the facility. To one who had never been to the center, the place was beautiful. It was a massive circular room filled with computer stations for the fifty or so radar analysts who worked at the DSRTC. On the ceiling, a painting of the star system revolved around the center, a large light fixture that happened to look quite a bit like the sun. Of course, the analysts themselves had a different opinion. Being assigned there was almost an insult and the large room had become known as “The Pit,” which held the unfortunate denizens of Hell.
Andric walked to his office door on the perimeter of the room and entered as the door automatically opened with a swoosh. He sat down at his desk, looked over the reports that had already been filed and then promptly fell asleep. And then all Hell broke loose.
“Mr. Greendstone! I have two contacts on the deep space radar!” came a shout from the Pit.
With a start, Andric was awake. He jumped out of his chair and dashed out his office door. More shouts followed.
“Contacts one and two are not ours. They have an unknown configuration and their power levels are incredibly high!”
“They’re moving in towards the planet at a rate of two thousands kilometers per second! They seem to be slowing down!”
As chaotic as it all was, more was to come.
“Mr. Greendstone, we’re receiving a radio message!”
Andric shook himself out of his stupor. “Play it!” he bellowed, and he caught his breath as a horrible screeching blasted itself throughout the Pit.
“Sir! It seems to be another language. Wait…they’re broadcasting again but it is in our language.”
And then the voice returned but it was intelligible this time. “Hello there,” said the disembodied voice. “We are extra-terrestrials from outside of your solar system. We have waited to contact you until we believed that you were ready. I would like to represent my race by greeting you in person. Please meet me at the following coordinates.”
A stream of numbers followed and Andric Greendstone had no trouble recognizing them. The aliens were going to land just outside the DSRTC.
“Where are they now?” he snapped.
“Sir, they are entering the atmosphere now. ETA is two minutes,” replied Sandy Deric, his tracking scientist.
“Okay people,” Andric Greenstone said as he addressed his comrades. “We have a minute and a half to get everything we need for the first alien contact that this world has ever seen. There’s no time to get anyone else involved so it’s up to us.” With that, Andric began shouting orders as he ran for the landing site. He never once considered the fact that he was about to make history for his world.
Andric reached the landing site with only a few seconds to spare and he used those very seconds to stare in awe at the ship descending towards him. It essentially looked like a long rod with an assembly of engines on one side and a hammerhead on the front. Three landing struts dropped from various parts of the ship and a ramp lowered. A bright light emerged but was suddenly eclipsed as something or somebody walked in front.
Without realizing it, Andric walked towards the ramp to peer into the massive ship. As he approached the base, the alien walked down the ramps. At the foot of the ramp, Andric saw its face for the first time. It had two eyes, a strange protrudence in the center of its face and a hole from which its speech seemed to originate. And when it spoke and Andric nearly collapsed in awe.
“Hello there. My name is Joe and I am from the planet Earth.”

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