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Hello! I'm new to the EU and could use some help!
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^^It was actually a larger controversy, partly about her not being paid properly (this was the crux of the problem, I think), and partly because The Clone Wars used a different version of Mandalorians than her own, and partly because the live-action TV series that was in early development at the time would've used Boba Fett in a way that would've nullified the Boba Fett novel she was working on at the time.

These factors combined resulted in the Boba Fett novel being cancelled, the final Republic/Imperial Commando book being cancelled, and the Essential Guide to the Military that she was working on being given to Jason Fry and renamed "Essential Guide to Warfare."

These were politically dark times for Star Wars fandom, as it was among the earliest instances of people decrying The Clone Wars for discontinuity.

My advice? Avoid the bad politics, and enjoy the movies/shows/books/comics/games that you like because they are enjoyable.
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