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The Dark Cave on Dagobah
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 PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:39 pm Reply with quote  
  Darth Skuldren

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Back on topic, do we know who made the cave on Dagobah?

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In the EU, it was this Bpfasshi Dark Jedi that crashed there, and it was his spirit that cast illusions on the poor suckas entering.

But I always felt that was an ill-fitting rationalization. The movie seems to imply Force sensitives who enter certain dark nexi are visited by hallucinations of personal significance, and Yoda had retrofitted it to work as a Jedi testing ground.

Even other EU has been bad at following the dark spirit explanation. TFU 2 for example is much closer to the movie version.
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Taral-DLOS wrote:

The first half of this paragraph says it all, and I disagree with it wholeheartedly. It is Lucas and his company (now in hands of others) that defines these things, not us. So if Leland Chee says that TCW is in a level above the EU, closer to that of the movies, then it is so.

That is a statement of fact, what is there to disagree with? No, Lucas and his company are not the ones that define the EU because they have never said anything about it. The only statement from the Lucasverse about what constitutes the EU is Leland Chee saying that TCW is not it. So what is? Who knows...

But the whole thing seems pretty pointless to me, since my original statement that started this EU debate was clearly about material in the movies compared to other material. Whether or not that material constitutes the EU or not doesn't really matter to that point.

The relevancy to this thread is that the dark side cave, and other anomalies in the movies are not given explanations and so one needs to turn to other material to find them. Whether or not you find those explanations compelling, or even required, is a matter of perspective that we were discussing.
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