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To Boycott or Not To Boycott
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 PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:21 am Reply with quote  

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The odds of a SW fan big enough to care about the EU not seeing the new movies are pretty low. Only uninterested casuals manage that.

Skywalker2B wrote:
All of that said, yeah, I'm definitely going to be in line, with my kids, in our Rebel Legion costumes to see Episode VII on my mother's birthday (I've already told her...and she's ok with it. She's great! She took me out of school to get in line for the opening of RotJ in '83!).

Whoa, you are hardcore. A bit too much for my tastes. You can see the film for weeks, but your mom only has birthday on a specific day. At least wait until reviews shower it with praise worthy of such cultlike behavior.

On a personal note, throwing out the EU has been pretty liberating for me. Every time some strange discrepancy is brought up on TFN I get to just shrug and set it aside, having only to worry about the comparatively small number of oddities about the Lucasverse. You guys who are purist-curious might try it for a while. You might like the feeling.

Skywalker2B wrote:
What one thing would make me turn my back on SW...
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I'm hoping beyond hope that this info is all false, but my friend apparently believes it 100%.

I discuss to learn, not to win. Then again, learning enough tends to translate to victory in the end anyway.

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