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Binding A Sith Lord

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Binding A Sith Lord
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- by Darth Cruel'lupent

As the sith lord sat at the command control center and gazed into space his mind’s wondered through out space to far off planets to giant star systems

To lonely planets that held large buildings and many people many minds
The Sith lord’s ability to view distance places was a simple feat as any sith would know- but Now something was different or was it wrong

His body did not see right and his mind was quick to move as if he was intoxicated, “But what is this feeling Poison, Drugs, Disease ”?– He realized that he was not as strong as he was just afew hours ago- and as his mind’s eye came back to him he realized that in his vision there was a blind spot a bubble of sorts a disturbance in the force

As the Pain grew more and his sight grew dimmer- Darth Shad’Raa fought to look into this disturbance and to balance himself to see where this blind spot came from but the more he looked the tighter the grip seemed to close

Finally relaxing the sith lord turned his mind eye away as he realized that the disturbance was coming from the cabinet in the near quarter of the ship

Weakend by his viewing of the disturbance Darth Shad’raa leaped to his feet ,out of the captains chair that he was sitting and began to walk toward the lift’s door

As he enters through the doors –the captains cabin was dimmed and a person sat in a chair at the end of the captains table – the table was big and could sit 24 people as the sith lord took a step the pains of death return and Darth Shad’raa is almost taken to the floor in pain

A voice came from the dark figure sitting at the captains table

“ Allow me to introduce myself ,I am Darth Cabal” raising his hand and pointing to the dark corner of the room

“ and that is my appentice ,Darth Skuldren”

Unable to truely see anything as to the pain that he was feeling Darth Shad’raa struggled to stand until he rested on his knees

As Darth Cabal stood up from the chair he was sitting in – He walked toward Darth Shad’raa

“It is not by chance that you happened to re-gain instance life- I require your service and for that you shall live” Darth Cabal said as he stood over Shad’raa. Now laying on the floor in pain turning his head in agenizing pain he grawled toward Darth Cabal “ I will not be binded-I am your master !” and with that Darth Shad’raa arose off the ground in a last attempt to fight against his enslavement and raised his hand toward Darth Cabal

Standing totally still Darth Cabal said “ you will serve me or die” just as he finished his words The Dark Figure of Darth Skuldren flew onto the table landing and rolling to the other side of the table and landing behind Darth Shad’Raa

As Darth Shad’raa began to turn around to confront this dark figure –
A slamming force is thrown into the chest of Darth Shad’raa

Knocking him to the ground , as he hits the ground he lets out a scream
Rolling to his side he raises his hand as to use Force lighting and nothing comes out – A look of fear and confusion comes over Darth shad’raas face

“ your powers are useless and your death is certain” said the dark figure
walking forward the dark figure lowers his hood and reveals a cold dead stare with sith tattoos around his eyes
“I have taken your powers and if you do not serve my master I will force you to die once more” He said as he unfolded his arms in a motion as to be able to grab the powerless sith that layed on the floor

Turning his body and beginning to walk closer Darth Cabal said “ you will serve me , I will allow you to move as you please but you will do my bidding and your students will work for my ends –Not yours” Raising his left hand Darth Cabal looked into the eyes of the powerless sith

“you are weak because we have poisoned your
body before you took it over” Cabal said as he began to
pull out a vile in a red case he held it up

“your body will require the anti-dote for the poison you suffer from- even with your force powers the poison will kill you- you will always need the anti-dote – Once you have completed you worthiness I will release you to a new host and you will be freed- but for now I want you to work for me “ closing his fist quickly he put the vile back into the case and set inside his pocket-

“I assume you will have no problems with hands on work Darth Skuldren” Darth cabal said as he walked toward the command control center door

looking up at Darth Skuldren he said” take him to the medical bay and make sure he understands that his body is dying and if he doesn’t work for us he will die again” turning back around the doors opened Darth Cabal walked in between the doors
“ yes, My master” Darth skuldren said as he bent over to pick up the powerless sith

Turning his head to the side to look behind him Darth Cabal said “ also set course for his castle ruins as that is where we will keep him” walking away the door closed behind him .
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