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Ulic Qel-Droma

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Ulic Qel-Droma
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Ulic Qel-Droma was a skilled Jedi Knight who helped end the Beast Wars on Onderon and put a stop to the Naddist Uprising. Yet when his master died he began to question the power of the light side of the Force. This led him to the dark side. He foolishly though he could conquer and destroy it once and for all but he failed. Instead he ended up joining forces with Exar Kun and together they nearly wiped out the Jedi and the Republic. Eventually he had to face his brother in combat and he ended up killing him. The event had an instant affect on him that caused the dark side to loose its hold. Nomi Sunrider then striped him of his connection to the Force. After Kun's defeat, Ulic went into exile and ended up on a desolate, frozen planet, Rhen Var. Nomi's daughter went to him to be trained as a Jedi and he reluctantly agreed and was successful in doing so. By training her he was able to find peace with himself. Afterwards he was gun down by a spacer pilot who took the opportunity to kill one of the most notorious men in the galaxy. When he died he became one with the Force, his body vanishing, even though he had no Force powers left.

Ulic was a very interesting character in retrospect. Had he not fallen to the dark side he easily would have been one of the greatest Jedi ever. Yet his run as a Sith Lord qualifies him as one of the greatest Sith as well. But perhaps his greatest accomplishment was finding peace in his exile and training Nomi Sunrider's child Vima. That and his vanishing into the Force even with Force powers. I would have to say he is now one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

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