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Roleplaying Rules {Must Read}

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Roleplaying Rules {Must Read}
 PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 4:45 pm Reply with quote  
  Old Master Ben

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Below are the roleplaying rules. Please read before posting. Members who do not follow the rules will be given a warning. If disobedience continues, there will be little hesitation to punish the rule-breaker.

Please note that this forum is a privilege. If the forum is abused in any way, the possibility if its deletion, and a banning of roleplaying on this site, will be considered.

General Rules

1) General Forum conduct rules apply at all times.

2) Characters must be posted in the character thread that exists for each roleplaying thread. Characters must be approved. (See approval rules below)

3) Posts cannot be made inside a roleplaying thread unless your character has been approved.

4) When posting out of character, please show by using:

OOC: before your post.

5) This is a literate/ semi-literate roleplaying forum. Please refrain from all chat-speak.

6) In order to keep disagreement to a minimum, your character must be approved by a majority vote by the members of the forum before a character is permitted to play in the RPG.

Character Rules

1. Your character cannot be a real character (i.e. Boba Fett, Thrawn, etc.) or hire real characters.

2. When interacting with characters that arenít yours you may not alter the character in significant ways such as changing their clothes, weapons or placing the character in a disadvantageous situation (combat scenario or otherwise).

3. You may alter the facial expressions or other context specific body movements (such as blocking an attack by your character) of player characters that are not your own. You may give player characters not your own minor context specific dialogue provided you are not manipulating the character for your own ends or making a choice for the character. This dialogue must keep to the language tendencies (use of slang etc.) and mannerisms of that character previously established by the player of the character. Players reserve the right to request rewrites of dialogues or actions written for their character by another person if the player believes the dialogue or actions are out of character

4. Your character is not God, make battles capable of human beings, and do not take all the enemies, leave some for the rest to take.

5. You can come into contact with real characters, but nothing that would go against the movies or books, (I.E. running into Luke and finding out that you're related)

6. Nothing AU, if the RPG takes place during the movies don't mess anything up, don't "meet" Luke on Endor when he's on Hoth, Don't walk up to him during the movies and say that you're a jedi too.

7. Players may write extensive dialogue or actions for existing NPCs or introduce new NPCs. The dialogue or actions must adhere to the established personality and background of the NPC. NPCs also adhere to Character Rules 2, 4, and 5

8. Ask permission via. pm if you want to do something to another character, or if you want them to control yours.

9. Be fair. If the rest of the people are going one way on a ship don't say anything unreal like "the ship's hyperdrive malfunctioned and shot them off in a different direction" to get you where you want to go.

10. Try to keep it as real as science fiction can get, if something hasn't been done in the books, don't do it in an RPG. No suddenly appearing superweapons.

11. New characters approved for the RPG must be added in a way that doesn't throw the story of an RPG off. For example if the RPG stranded everyone on a planet with no means of communication new players wishing to join have to wait until a point is reached where the new character could realistically join up (no magical additions of characters/ships when the situation in the RPG makes it illogical or downright physically impossible for such a thing to happen).

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