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Republic Commando: Hard Contact: Chapters 11-15 (June 22nd)

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Republic Commando: Hard Contact: Chapters 11-15 (June 22nd)
 PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:14 am Reply with quote  
EUC Staff
EUC Staff

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Read chapters 11-15 of Republic Commando: Hard Contact BEFORE posting

Discussions for chapters 11-15 are now OPEN. And start reading chapters 16-20 for next Sunday.

Come prepared with ANYTHING that you thought of while reading. If you're reading it again, is there something you noticed the second time through? Please share. Favorite characters? Something you hated? Let us know.

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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:43 pm Reply with quote  
  Zee Zee

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Jeez, looks like I'm the only one reading this GREAT book!!

Anyway, have found my nagging ache about Hokan - he's just too nasty and evil. He's very much the sterotypical bad ass! Perhaps if Karen had introduced some kind of weakness, a foible, anything that could allow the reader to relate somehow more to his character. In my previous post I mentioned "because we are familiar with the background events (ie The Clone Wars) we know who are the goodies and who should be the baddies!" and perhaps Karen thought this too and thus didn't really care for her baddie character as much as she, quite clearly, has for the heroes.

A couple of passages in these chapters caught my attention:

page 176 (Ch.12): Karen introduces her juxtaposition of the childhoods of the Jedi and the idea that the clonetroopers are in fact children themselves (as previously introduced in earlier chapters (see previous postings), "[both] had been raised in complete isolation from the everyday world, with their own set of values and disciplines, not because they had been chosen to be different but because they had been born that way." Karen's Jedi character, Etain, sees the clonetroopers like Jedi Padawans - having no choice in the way they were raised, no choice in the lefestyle they wanted, no choice in their own future, and all because of the way they were born.

page 196 (Ch.13): howver this juxtaposition of Padawan and clonetrooper has a serious contradiction: although "professional soldiers were neither habitually angry nor violent [...] they washed their clothing and they shaved and cooked and generally conducted themselves like well behaved, well educated Padawans", they still "went out and blew up installatins and killed total strangers and cracked bad jokes". Unlike Jedi Padawans (apart from the bad jokes that is!!).

My only complaint is that Karen, like so many other recent SW authors, have fallen into the trap of placing terms and materials that would only have meaning in Earth English, eg In Allegiance, Zahn uses "cash" (originally an English slang word) and "plastic" (aaargh!! so many authors (incl. Zahn) have successfully introduced SW universe equivalents - permacrete for concrete, etc that Earth English terms are rarely needed) On page 223, Karen appears to have fallen trap to this as well as she states that a handheld hydraulic ram "could exert eight metric tons". Okay, so as a reader I can visualize a hydraulic ram producing such a force, but in the SW universe what is a "metric ton", on Earth we use the phrase to distinguish between to differing amounts: the metric ton and the imperial ton - did Napolean Boneparte at some time invade the SW universe and inflict the metric system on the citizens of this fictional universe. Personally, I would have preferred a smilie to compare/measure the amount of force such a ram could exert.

However, I will let Karen off this time only because of the cheekiness of assigning the labatory the codename "Boffin" for the gunners targetting system (page 228). Karen's Britishness shines through.

Finally, one great thing about this book is that, unlike similar era books featuring Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace or Yoda, we don't know who will live or die. Although none of the heroes have yet to be killed off, it doesn't mean that anyone of them couldn't (or even all of them) be killed during the climatic final battle.

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