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 PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:14 pm Reply with quote  
  Mara Jade Skywalker

Joined: 15 Feb 2008
Posts: 6359
Location: Beyond Shadows

So basically I think the n600 is overkill. It is a dual band router, which you don't need with the b/g/n standard. You will not be utilizing more than half of the router's potential. If you're buying it in hopes of one day upgrading to the a/c standard, then that's a little different.

Also the 300Mbps is nice, but more than you will be able to utilize. Say you do purchase the 15MB package from your ISP, you will rarely get more than 15Mbps, meaning you are not using 285Mbps from your router. Granted, that 300Mbps speed is also used in interconnected networks, such as a LAN party, but my point is that the 150Mbps is more than enough.

For the ISP...they do try to trip you up, but generally you get what you pay for in speed. If you pay for 15MB, you will get 15MB. Rarely more, generally a little less. Test out your connection on a speed test site, and you can see. Where they try to trip you, though, is they try to act like 15MB is nothing, and you can't possibly get enough out of that speed. False. I was siphoning 6MB from my landlord through a coffee straw, and I was able to play TOR and everything else I liked to do just fine. 15MB is more than enough speed for basic at home use. I wouldn't go less than 12 if you can help it, but anything more should be just fine.

As stated, you shouldn't have any problems with TOR at those speeds. I've been able to play it on even a 3MB connection. I don't recommend it, but it was doable.

Correct, your router will work straight off your modem, and needs no compatibility with your ISP. Sometimes you can get a modem/router combo, but that is up to you.

In conclusion, feel free to spend a little extra on a router if you wish, it certainly won't hurt anything, and you'll be good for future hardware. But these things do wear down, so if you plan to use it for a few years, and maybe you're trying to save some pennies, the cheaper TP-LINK routers will do just fine.

I hope that helps! Smile
"It's not about the legacy you leave, it's about the life you live." ~Mara Jade Skywalker

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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:04 pm Reply with quote  
  Salaris Vorn

Joined: 02 Feb 2008
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Location: New York, USA

Thanks Mara!

Right now I'm thinking I'll probably go with a slightly more expensive 300mbps router since those also seem to have slightly stronger signals (based on the admittedly limited info/stats graphs on Amazon). Kinda useful for me since my apartment is in a concrete structure which might make it slightly more difficult for the wifi signal to get to some areas of my apartment. Currently debating between this TP-LINK http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B003Y5RYNY/ref=psdc_300189_t3_B001FWYGJS and this Netgear http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B001AZP8EW/ref=psdc_300189_t1_B001UI4RTG

A close friend has the slightly more upscale netgear which seems to work very well and standing vertically might fit better in the space I have (it will be sharing shelf space with my TV/Xbox 360). But I'll check through Cnet reviews and other places first!

I'm definitely going to stay away from the dual band ones since the only thing that might be able to take advantage of it is my Galaxy S5 (and it seems silly to buy a router for better smartphone speeds since I'd likely use my computer instead when I'm home).

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