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Electronic Games Thread Index

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Electronic Games Thread Index
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Thank you for taking the time to read through and use the Electronic Games forum thread index.

Below, you will find a compilation of some of the larger and more frequented threads in this forum, as well as a list of topics that can be found elsewhere.

For quick searching, use "Ctrl + F" to bring up your browser's search function. You can use it to look for certain keywords in the index.

If you feel a thread has been left out of the directory and belongs here, please let us know by sending a personal message to one of the Electronic Games forum's moderators; they will look it over for you. Be sure to place a link to the thread in question

Remember, this forum is for discussion of Star Wars video games only! Anything else belongs in The Mos Eisley Cantina.


[TIE]= Thread Index Entry

It is simply a quick visual reminder that the thread is included within the directory. (Last Updated: 10/24/08 )


KOTOR Series
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Team Gizka -- KOTOR II Restoration Project
KOTOR III: Better as a book or a game?
Kotor III: Speculation, Hopes, and Discussion
KOTOR MMO Discussion
Technical Help - KOTOR

The Force Unleashed
The Force Unleashed Discussion
The Force Unleashed Facts Thread (Spoilers Contained)

Soul Calibur IV
Did anyone play Sould Calibur 4...

General and Misc.
Favorite SW Video Game Quote
Favorite Star Wars Video Game
Video Game Cheat Codes (Star Wars)
PC vs Console: What do you play your SW games on?
Nitendo Announcement - Wii lightsaber!!!
Star Wars Video Game Mods
Who bought the Plug and Play SW games and did you like them?

Battlefront Series
Battlefront III: Discussion, Hopes, and Speculation

The Clone Wars Games
Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- Lightsaber Duels
SW: TCW Game Discussions
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance

Star Wars Legos Series
What if??? Star Wars Lego Game based on the EU???
Was Star Wars Lego the Complete Saga worth it...

Star Wars Galaxies
Star Wars: Galaxies Discussion

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