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Crescendo: Star Wars Roleplaying Site

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Crescendo: Star Wars Roleplaying Site
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  Darth Skuldren

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I run a Star Wars roleplaying site called Crescendo. As of late, activity has died off and I'm looking for new members. Now for those who have never done a roleplay, this is a great way to start because there's no pressure and a super friendly staff (me Very Happy ). If you have the time, give it a look, read a couple posts to see what it's like, and if you're interested, you can post right here and I can answer all your questions to help you get started. Below is a little overview of the site and the storyline...

The year is 600 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin), 500 years after the events of the Legacy comics, and a Jedi Civil War has erupted. The strife from The Five Year War, a lengthy struggle between the Mandalorians and the Galactic Alliance, led to deep divisions in the galaxy, as well as the Jedi Order. Those loyal to the Galactic Alliance, believing that all hope lies in the Jediís union with the government, now call themselves the Loyalists. The Paladins, on the other hand, fear that such a union would lead to the Orderís downfall, and they now stand apart from the ruling fist of the Core, but they do not stand alone. The Wookiees and the Mon Calamari have long stood by the Jedi, and their support of the Paladins is unwavering.

Yet the divisions in the galaxy are more complex than simple black and white. The Mandalorians, still suffering from an extensive defeat after The Five Year War, have been reunited under a new Mandalore, one unafraid to seek outside help. In recent months Mandalore the Sanguine has allied with both the Hutts and the Imperial Empire. The Hutts themselves have been highly active as of late, adopting a new diplomatic policy of expansion and utilizing their new fleets. However there has been little word from the Imperial Empire, and such silence does not bode well for the rest of the galaxy.

Amid this chaos, newly instated Chief of State Sariss has found herself in a very turbulent situation. Although born a Trandoshan, her deep ties to the Wookiees gives her sympathy to the Paladinís cause, yet her devotion to the GA and their Loyalist protectors means she has no choice but to wage a war she does not want. And on the Rim she knows powerful forces are mustering their strength, but to what ends she does not know. It is in these hands that the fate of the galaxy lies.

So with a war between the Jedi, and vying factions seeing opportunity for their own conquests, the galaxy is ripe with conflict. Crescendo is the dawn of a new era, a place where freedom abounds, and people can explore the wild reaches of their imagination. The future is unwritten. The question is: will you help shape it?

Crescendo (CO) is a part of the Immortal Darkness RPG franchise affiliated with NJOE. Created by NJOE members Zinnos and Mizz, and administered by Skuldren and Mizz. CO is set far in the future, and well beyond the reaches of canon. CO has a relatively small community of members where most have multiple characters under their control, and the site is always looking for new people. With very few restrictions, new members have a wide array of factions to choose from as well as a wealth of new technology and history to delve into. Plot wise, members can opt to join in the main story thread, the Jedi Civil War, or they can opt to participate in the handful of subplots surrounding it including: the revolution in Hutt Space, the secret alliances of the Mandalorians, the mysterious isolation of the Imperials, or the underground war between Black Sun and the Hutt Empire.

Participation is no different than a round robin fan fiction with each member posting as their character, contributing to the main story, and the site as a whole. CO does not have any canon to adhere to, so the plot is open to possibilities. A brief history has been created to fill in the enormous time gap between the CO era and the Legacy era, highlighting various wars and key events, as well as several guides to the advancements in technology. Although the wealth of new information may seem daunting at first, it is there only as a resource. New members do not have to be fluent in every detail that has happened, but if they want to explore, the information is there.

If youíre interested in joining Crescendo, please check out the above link. If you have any questions about the site itself, feel free to post right here or PM me. And if you have any friends who might be interested, tell them to check it out.

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