EUCast is the official podcast of The hosts, Mark Hurliman,  Austin Blankenship, and Elyse Bond, provide weekly content about the Star Wars universe, focusing on the Expanded Universe of the galaxy. Each week brings different discussions about EU news, books, games, and more. A lighthearted and humorous show, the hosts provide their best insight into the Expanded Universe, while still maintaining a somewhat serious program. Weekly segments and special guests add to the chemistry that makes this podcast an enjoyable listen every week. EUCast is the winner of the 2008 Star Wars Fanworks Audio Awards for best panel. EUCast is recorded each Thursday night at 9:00 PM EST, and released Mondays on, you can listen to the most recent episodes here.


All current episodes of EUCast, including mini-casts, specials, as well as Cantina Chats, can be found within the EUCast Episode Directory. Show type information can be found here. The Episode Directory contains link to the original post on EUCantina for that episode as well as the date of which the show was published.

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Each week, EUCast is released on and can be listened to on the site using the embedded player in the post in which the episode is released. Listeners can also listen to show utilizing the MP3 file or by using the RSS feed. Listeners can feel free to subscribe to EUCast on SoloSound, Itunes or Zune as well. Subscribe in Zune Marketplace


Below are more details for the cast of EUCast. Mark Hurliman is one of the three co-hosts of EUCast. Starting in late 2009 to replace Andrew, Mark quickly became "one of the guys." A guru in all areas of the Expanded Universe, Mark reads books and comics vehemently. He is also one of EUCantina's Head Reporters, reporting on the latest Star Wars Expanded Universe news to hit the web.  In early 2010, Mark was asked to step into the producer seat for EUCast, and helped restructure the show throughout the 2010 year. Mark handles the shows shownotes, as well as provides a lite-hearted outlook on the Expanded Universe. In many ways he's the comic relief. Austin Blankenship is typically the "lead host" of the show. A student living recently moved from Florida, Austin is the main man behind the scenes of EUCast, ensuring the music and editing get finished or assigned each week. Austin is a big reader, with one of his favorite books being "Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor." He also is a proud supporter of the Orlando Magic. As well as the voice of reason on most things. Elyse Bond is the newest edition to the EUCast host line up. Replacing Riley B., who himself filled in short term for Austin, Elyse has actually been asked to be a co host before. The timing worked this time and she was able to join the Cast. Elyse is a avid EU reader, and has read almost all the books. She's able to provide a fresh female opinion to the show, and is a frequent poster on the forums.

Past Hosts:

Riley B. stepped into the light when schedule situations forced Ted and Austin to miss a few months worth of shows. Riley and Mark were asked to revamp the show with "two hosts" while schedules played out. They created new segments for the show, in show music, and new innovations that helped shape the show to what you hear today. When Celebration Five came in summer of 2010, introduced The Bothan Report, a new SW News podcast hosted by Riley and his sister Bethany, this announcement was long planed, and heralded the return of Austin to EUCast, and a new 3rd host, Elyse. William D. is also one of the co-hosts of We Talk Clones and has been a guest host on many episodes. William is one of the gamers of the group, as well as a Clone Wars tv series guru.  Count on hearing William's voice in future episodes of EUCast. Ted M. After Lawrence Davis left the show in 2009, Ted joined the show in Episode 53. Ted is the head graphics-artist for EUCantina. He also created the opening theme song of EUCast, playing the instruments himself. Ted lives in Washington and enjoys playing music. Currently Ted is roaming across Europe with a tribe of Tusken Raiders and riding Banthas and trading with Jawas. Andrew Lupi Left the show to start The EU Review with Nathan P. Butler. He has been known to show up randomly in episodes along with his co host Nathan. Tom P. is also one of the co-hosts of We Talk Clones and has been a guest host on many episodes. He filled in for Lawrence for the summer he "disappeared", as well as coming on as a guest host multiple times. Lawrence Davis was a founding voice of EUCast, and has since moved on from SW podcasting. Someday Lawrence may return and tell us what it's been like to watch Star Wars from a far.


You can send any of the EUCast crew an e-mail to . We send replies to all e-mails and look forward to seeing your comments, suggestions or feedback of the show. If you’re looking to contact a specific EUCast member, please simply put their name in the subject line. The EUCast crew uses Skype, an online telephone client, to talk and uses it often for chatting. If you’d like to chat directly with one of the hosts, simply search “theeucast” on Skype and ask to become our friend. Talking about the expanded universe and other subjects is something the hosts love to do with fellow fans. More information on Skype can be found at The message boards has an entire forum dedicated to discussion of EUCast. The EUChatter forums can be found here. You can also open the "official" EUChatter chat thread while you listen to EUCast, here you can talk with the EUCast team, discuss recent shows and have fun with other listeners. You can also click the image below to go directly to the EUChatter Chat Thread. EU Chatter Want to get up-to-the-minute EUCast news? Well, so do we! That’s why EUCast has a twitter account. Learn all the latest breaking EUCast news- when the show is being recorded, edited, special live shows are happening, guests, etc via Twitter. You can find the Twitter page here. EUCast team members also use Facebook to post show news and talk with other listeners. Listeners can check EUCast out on Facebook by clicking the logo above, and becoming a fan.

You can now call EUCast and leave a voicemail to be played on the show from your own phone, for free! EUCast is now using Google Voice, which is free for the caller and recipient. You can call 530-EUT-K421 (530-388-5421) to leave a voicemail for free. The voicemail will be recorded, and can be played on the show. Please use this opportunity to ask questions, or to give us your thoughts on the EU news, discussion, etc..


What is a podcast? Originating from the words “iPod” and “broadcast,” a podcast is designed to be listened to online, on your computer or on the road with your MP3 or CD player. Podcasts can be anything from talk shows to comedic skits–the possibilities are endless. Typically, a listener will subscribe to a podcast via their podcasting catcher. There are several applications to do this: iTunes, Juice, and Odeo are just a few. Once downloaded, you can listen and enjoy them as much as you want! An in-depth description of podcasting can be found at Wikipedia. Do I need an iPod to listen? No! Listen to the show on any CD player, any computer, or any MP3 player. Podcasting catcher? Yep. If you don’t use iTunes, we recommend Juice. The software is free and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Get it here! What does EUCast feature? Our podcast is a wrap-up of everything Expanded Universe: News, speculation, discussion and much more can and will be covered in each episode. Interviews, mini-casts, and other show types also offer unique outlooks on the world of books, comics, games, and more within the SW universe. How would I go about downloading one of your podcasts? We’re working diligently to make it available to as many visitors as possible, so we’ve set up a variety of ways to subscribe. The most popular methods are or Itunes. However, as said above, that’s not the only way. We offer the show as an MP3 in each posting here and our Feedburner contains multiple ways to subscribe. We recommend Itunes- for those of you with Zunes, we will being getting that as well as Odeo soon. What if I’m not able to use a podcasting client, or I don’t want to? While we highly recommend you use one of the methods above to subscribe, you don’t need to subscribe directly. You can listen to the MP3 file of each episode by clicking the episode number on the “Episodes” above. When is EUCast recorded? Released? EUCast is usually recorded each Thursday night, aiming at a weekly Monday release. However, due to circumstances it isn’t always weekly and not always Monday. The best effort is made to keep it at constant release date, however. So, how is this fine source of entertainment recorded? Due to the fact the EUCast hosts live in different parts of America, they record it at their houses in their respective studios using Skype, a mixer, as well as Audacity. To learn more about the recording of the show, feel free to contact us at Some interesting EUCast facts are: Lawrence is absent in all episodes during the summer months of 2008; he was in a location with no Internet for three months. The most popular EUCast episode to date was the review episode of The Clone Wars movie, which was the first podcast to review it after its release. For the first 15 episodes, editing for the podcast took more than two hours; the time has now been cut in half. At the end of EUCast bloopers from the show are played. EUCast has used 5 different theme songs. The Cast just celebrated the 100th Episode of EUCast, where they looked back on the history of EUCast in their "Host of Hosts" segment. The epic episode ran over 2 hours long, and came in just shy of 2.5. Come listen as they share some interesting facts about EUCast. Most of the above FAQ were created by MuggleCast; EUCast is copyright 2007-2010