The Star Wars universe has been growing from beyond the movies since 1976, with the release of the first "Expanded Universe" item, the novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Since then, the Expanded Universe has been growing, be it in novel, comic, or video game form. Because of this, many have tried to catalog the items according to where they fit into the continuity. However, because we started in 2007, long after the Expanded Universe began in earnest, we feel a simple list could not do readers justice when trying to figure out where everything fits. Because of this, we are proud to state that our preferred and fully supported Star Wars timeline is Nathan P. Butler's Star Wars Timeline Gold. Started in 1997, the timeline is available in many formats and is the most comprehensive timeline for Star Wars fiction found anywhere. It is updated frequently and author Nathan P. Butler always replies to feedback. So, if you're just starting out in the Expanded Universe, or just forget where something fits, check out the Star Wars Timeline Gold, EUCantina.net's preferred timeline source.

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